well that was unexpected……….

It was weigh in night tonight and I lost!! If you are wondering why I sound surprised well last week I had expected a loss and gained, this week I had expected another gain and lost, sometimes it just does not make sense. I am now at my lowest weight for a long time but I still have not cleared the 18st barrier it is a bit like being on a bit of elastic, I get close and then shoot back up work my way down a little further, shoot back up………….

Also annoyed on the bike front, been keeping my eyes open for a second hand bike but nothing had come up. Seeing as my rear wheel was causing me problems and the fact that the wheel I wanted was on special offer I decided to buy a new rear wheel for my other bike. So what did I see advertised yesterday, only the bike that I would of bought had I not bought the wheel. If it was not for bad luck I would not have any luck.

Will post another update later in the week after an evening ride.

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  1. Thanks Clive, sometimes this weight loss lark just confuses me………..

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