tis the season of………..

Secondary School visiting, or should that be Academy or High school or College or……………….

Dear son moves up to Secondary school next September so as decent parents we are visiting 4 schools in our area (3 down one to go). Tonight was a visit to the closest of the four, son currently attends the middle school on the opposite side of the road from the “Academy”. Of the four schools this was the least looked forward to visit for two reason, it has had a lousy reputation and everything is now Pink at the school, dark pink ties for the boys (to got with the grey trousers and blazer) and dark pink blouses for the girls again with dark grey uniform and lots of pink paint.

As mentioned it has had a lousy reputation so at the end of last term a new brush (I think it was paint brush with a lot of pink paint) swept through the building. A new head mistress with 3 different colour in her hair (and she was not the only member of the teaching staff with multi coloured hair) was brought in to make amends. The already mentioned name change from School to Academy was part of this change along with lots of new toys like white boards and over head projectors and pretty coloured plastic chairs and yes a lot of painting much of it pink.

But it is the same old thing, a lick of paint won’t make everything better, if you were prepared to look closer, behind the brightly coloured curtain hung around the walls and the coloured paper stapled to cupboard doors you could still see all the broken windows, odd panes of glass, broken blinds, large hole in the ceiling (funny as this classroom was the only classroom open in this particular block). On a positive note the central heating worked, it was more like a sauna in there tonight.

It seems as though there was a sum of money to be spent on the school………I mean Academy to bring it up to scratch, but there was not enough money to fulfil the job completely so the money was spread thinly over all departments barely touching what was needed. A name change, a sprinkling of managers and a pretty Pink reception along with the aforementioned new toys and lick of paint (did I mention it was Pink) does not really cut it.

While I don’t doubt the teaching staffs intentions it is a long way from being where it needs to be and with the cut in government spending, I think by this time next year the cracks will be reappearing.

Will our son being going to that school next September…………I mean Academy, not unless it is our only choice (and we can persuade him to wear pink).

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