well that’s that over

Tonight was the final school visit (if you don’t what I am on about read my previous posting), tonights school was the local boys grammar school and was the other one I wonder why we were visiting (that is not to say that my son is not intelligent enough to go there). At each of these school visit we have had an introduction meeting from the head master\teacher and other member of his staff. At two of the visits they held two of these introduction as the demand was high (one was probably because the hall was quite small) but tonight they held 3 introduction meeting in a hall that easily had seating for 200 people and from what I could see, there were parents standing all around the walls of the hall in each meeting such was the demand. But the school only take 150 pupils each year, has no catchment area but currently have pupils from 45 miles away coming to school each day.

The whole air of the school was different than any of the other we had visited, there was no hard sale (like the last one), it certainly was not a modern built school, but it was clean and tidy, the staff and pupils were helpful and friendly, that’s not to say the other schools staff and pupils were not friendly, but they were friendly in a different way which I can’t explain. All in all I was impressed, I was not expecting to be but I was.

Now it is down to a lot of form filling and like every other parent with children moving to grammar\secondary next September a long wait until March the 1st

OK, a question, guess what I nearly ran over this morning???

No it did not have any legs

No not a snake


Ok it was a “Henry the Hoover”!!!

As I went up the road this morning a van pulled off the petrol station forecourt onto the road in front of me and at speed (I was a little way back so no danger), as he went up the road the rear door of the van flew opened and Henry came tumbling out. On impact with the road, the motor section parted company with the body with rubbish spewing out across the road. I managed to swerve around Henry and chased the van up the road. The driver was completely oblivious to the fact that he had lost Henry. After flashing my lights at him and waving my arms out the windows he pulled over. I drove up along side him and told him his rear door was open and Henry was a quarter of a mile away outside the petrol station sat in the middle of the road, I don’t think the driver was impressed.

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  1. Henry Hoover you was very lucky Tim glad your a ok mate.

    My son went to a Grammar school tbh was a bit posh, a good school they had some strict rules on hair couldn’t have it shorter than a 2 but you could have it as long as you like and as greasy as you liked. He had a couple of probs with one of the teachers so instead of going to the six form he went to a local college where he got the grades he needed he is now studying politics at Salford uni well between parties etc.

    We see at most Chelsea home games and the away games that we go to particularly in the Manchester area.

    good luck sorting it out mate.

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