a warm ride

Went for a ride this afternoon, been very overcast with occasional showers so I was a little weary about going out. Fortunately I did not have to contend with any rain, in fact it was that warm I was in my riding shorts and after about 3 miles I stopped to take my jumper off (I had a long sleeved base layer and normal t-shirt underneath).

I decided to ride some local area’s that I had never ridden, I had already worked out that they were only small areas but I was looking at ways of possibly linking some or all of them into a ride or adding to other existing rides I do. There were four different areas I tried, some of the areas were more successful than others, all had a bit of road riding to get between each area. A couple of the rides look like they will be a mud fest once the wet weather sets in. I finished the ride off with half a loop along the river at Throop. All in all an enjoyable 3 hours, apart from the walk through the undergrowth, I have spent several painful minutes extracting brambles from my finger since I got home. Total distance for the ride was 15.8 miles.

Yesterday I went to Southampton with the family, wife wanted to check out a couple of job agencies and the kids like visiting particular shops in the area so that was a day out for us. Unfortunately the bear with a sore head (BSH) tried to make an appearance, brought on by the large crowds (school half term) and petty family squabbling. Once things had settled down the BSH was soon dispatched and an enjoyable meal at Pizza Hut was had (ok not diet friendly but it was a treat for the daughter and her birthday).

I find it quite strange, I can do a 25 mile ride and my knees are OK, wander round the shops for a couple of hours and they ache like hell, probably my bodies way of telling me there still a lot of weight to shift yet (or I don’t like shopping which is probably closer to the point).

Tomorrow I am repairing a roof apparently, one of those jobs I was volunteered for!

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