if only the manual was correct

I had to work today (Saturday) which is rare for me, I had to shut the entire IT system down down for several hours and I could see little opportunity to do it during working hours, so an early morning drive to the Cotswold was my start for Saturday. I had to install an item I had not installed in the past so had to refer to the manual to check certain options. Happy with what I read I proceeded with the install. So why was I pulling my hair out an hour or so later because it was not working and one of my servers had disappeared off the network?? because the bloody manual lied that why. I won’t bore you with details but basically the item I was installing was set-up (out of the box) the opposite to what the manual said, if you can’t refer to the manual to get the correct info where are you going to get it??

Once I had got everything working and my server had reappeared (the disappearance was linked to the item I was installing not working correctly) it was nearly mid afternoon before I left for home a couple of hours later than planned. Decide to go back the scenic route via Stow-on-the-Wold, where I passed two groups on mountain bike riders, riding up the road caked in mud and looking as though they had enjoyed their ride. I felt really peeved off, the sun was out, the sky was blue and I was working. With rain forecast for tomorrow I am not sure if I will get to ride or not, will have to decide on how heavy the rain is. It will have to be a morning ride as I want to watch the F1 which is on just after midday.

I would like to see Hamilton or Webber win the F1 but there is little chance of Hamilton winning it so I will be hoping Webber is there at the end, just as long as Vettel and Alonso don’t win it I don’t mind. Wanted to watch the England Australia rugby match but I never got back in time so I watched the highlights, certainly looked like the England boys had a field day. Might of been a bit different had Australia put those penalty away rather than missing. I did manage to watch New Zealand walk all over Scotland

My week has not really got any better or worse than Tuesday blogs, I have ignored the problem for the time being, been to busy working on the new phone system install which has been happening this past week and seemed to go fairly well (nothing I was doing, I was just a helping hand).

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2 thoughts on “if only the manual was correct”

  1. I had to work yesterday as well, got called in to cover a day shift. Best part was the cycle in, starting from home at 04.00 to arrive at 05.30, it was a great ride, pitch black, just a few drops of rain in the wind, didn’t see a car for the first 12 miles. Worst part, had to miss the Wales v. South Africa game live on the box. Did see a recording of a really good showing by England v. Australia, the committment and power of the English players was quite worrying, from my Welsh point of view. Still I enjoyed the game, and then watched the All Blacks completely destroy Scotland, not a pretty sight, but what fantastic players they have.

  2. At least I did not have to start at 5:30am or cycle in to work, just as well really considering In have a 240mile round trip from home. I just wish the traffic was like it was Saturday morning everytime I drive to the Cotswolds, Saturday took just over 2hrs, normally takes 2hr 15min, one morning last week took 3hrs

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