the saga continues

I was checking my account tonight to see if there was any sign of my Muvi camcorder turning up, nothing. So I thought I would drop them an e-mail, as I was looking for the e-mail address I noticed that their customer services is open till 8pm so I grabbed the phone and rang them, it got off to a bad start as the auto announcer was breaking up all over the place, then I was on hold with lousy on hold music (which was breaking up) and no indication where I was in the queue. Then the phone goes dead for about three second then all of a sudden a foreign voice come over the phone, now I don’t know if it was an Indian call centre or just foreign person working in customer service but they had a strong Indian accent, they spoke in a patronising way like you would if you were trying explain something complicated to a two year old.

Apparently they have been waiting for me to return the “Missing Item Confirmation Form”, you know the one, the one I e-mailed back to them on the 23rd December at 9:44am which was 26 minutes after receiving their e-mail requesting me to sign the form and send it back to them!

So I have duly send it again tonight and will keep an eye on my account to see if it appear on there as being posted, if not they can expect another phone call from me.

I guess this is where buying from your local store has its benefits, if you get a problem you can go back to the store. But then you pay for that at the local store which is why buying on-line can be cheaper. Having said that I have been buying online since 2005 (if not before) and this is the first major problem I have had with any online store.

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2 thoughts on “the saga continues”

  1. Not good at all, I’ve been eyeing the package you bought, thanks for cluing me in, but I think I’ll wait for yours to turn up first, before I order. Hope it turns up soon for you. Cheers.

  2. To be perfectly honest I ordered about dozen items over the xmas and this is the only one that has failed to turn up and I have been ordering from them for about 5 years and this is the first problem I have had with them. It just unfortunately there customer service on this one items has been totally carp

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