in a grump

For the past couple of weeks my new blog posted message has not been appearing on Facebook. After much messing about I gave up with the WordPress plug-in and went in search of a new plug-in, wish I had not bothered. These status up-daters seem to work (or not in my case) by linking a mobile phone to your Facebook account and fooling Facebook into thinking that the blog update message is in fact a Facebook status update (which I guess it is in away). Now there seem to be something wrong with Facebook as it won’t let me “Activate a Phone”. Everytime I try it keeps coming back saying that the confirmation code it sent me (like 10 seconds ago) is invalid (its only 6 digits long) and I have now tried so many times I am now blocked from trying anymore!! So now I waiting for the Facebook help forum to help me out, not holding my breath………………

With winds around 30mph and gust to 49mph I decided today was not a good day to go for a cycle, locally or Swindon (as I had planned). So instead I went for a walk and quick sand blast along the beach at Sandbanks. Got back in time to watch the rugby this afternoon 6 Nations matches. I think the poorest display from the 3 matches was the Irish, they only just beat the Italian who I think were unlucky to lose. England got off to a great start last night, it was not brilliant as there were to many mistakes. France put in a solid display this afternoon which won them the support of there fans after the fans boo-ed them of the pitch late last year after a large defeat. Scotland showed they had fight and the spirit to win so I would have to put Scotland above Wales, so my totally “Unofficial arm chair supporter don’t know what I am talking about league table of who had the best match” for the first round of the 6 nations look like this

1 France
2 England
3 Scotland
4 Italy
5 Wales
6 Ireland

Like I said, what do I know……………

Hopefully the wind will have dropped enough tomorrow for me to go for a ride, not sure where I am going to ride yet as I don’t know what the river level is like so will have to see what the morning brings

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2 thoughts on “in a grump”

  1. If you’re still on 3, be careful of linking your phone to Facebook.
    I did it so I would get updates & text updates myself, only to find 3 were charging me for the pleasure as they regard it as a premium rate number. Hence the deactivation pdq.

  2. I don’t think the post actually go via the 3 network, once the link between mobile and facebook is setup there is some code that you would put on your phone but you enter it into the plugin on WordPress (what I write my blog on) and it is send that to Facebook pretending to be a text message from my phone. I think I will do what I did to night, just copy the link and paste the link into my status, if I stop working we are all in trouble

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