there is always tomorrow

But tomorrow never comes as my mum says

I woke up this morning to the sound of the wind howling and looking out the window the pampas grass was swaying around madly in the wind and the roads were wet with rain, just then the duvet called out my name so I went back to bed, this morning ride never happened. I wanted to go out riding this weekend but the inner wimp won the battle this weekend. While there is always tomorrow I am out for the weekly weigh in so I won’t be riding tomorrow either.

I spent the morning working on the Cannondale, only three jobs to do on the bike now, strip and re-grease the peddles, measure & fit the chain (see below) and then strip and re-grease the headset. I have not done a headset before but as this is a basic headset it has loose ball bearing (which I will probably replace anyway) so it is a case of strip clean and re-grease and re-assemble. I want to measure the chain to ensure it is the right length, as opposed to counting the links on the existing chain as I have had a lot of chain suck on this bike so I want to measure the length to ensure that the it is not to long and slapping about and causing the chain suck.

This afternoon I took a PC I had built from bits over to a friend for her daughter, only to get a phone call when I got back home saying the mouse is dead. Not sure what is going on but no amount of coaxing over the phone would persuade it to work. Unfortunately I can’t get over there until Tuesday night now.

While on line the other night somebody posted a link to a youtube video of some early mountain bike racing (XC type). Watch the video below, these pioneers of the mountain bike riding are not hanging around and take some hefty falls. While it is German video (I think), listen to the “OOo’s”, “ah’s”, applause and occasional gasp from the crowd.

Talking of falling off your mountain bike, I think I have worked out why my hip hurts, back in all the ice over xmas I fell of my bike and landed in a heap in the road on my right hip (thankfully it was a quite road). This morning I found that I can feel a metal bar through the foam padding on the drivers seat of my car. This bar run right next to my hip and I think the foam has moved. Not sure what I can do about the bar in the car seat but the car is due for replacement in July this year.

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