not quite going to plan

It was weight in night tonight and I stayed the same as last week. I had thought it might be marginal, there had been a few extra during the week, nothing great just a sandwich here, bottle of wine there (just the one bottle). So to stay the same I am thankful for.

Dentist early this morning for root canal round 2, the gunk he put in my tooth on the last visit to kill the nerve worked as I could not feel him drilling it out. Then he found the third nerve which was very much alive so the dentist filled my tooth with gunk again and I have to go back in about 4 weeks to have the third nerve removed.

Yesterday there was no riding, as forecast it rained and the wind blew. I spent yesterday morning servicing my DMR V8 pedal from the Cannondale. I had to stand the bike in the rain to remove the pedals as there no room to put the bike on the floor in the shed (bike normally hangs on the wall). I had intended to set the new chain up on the bike (actually measure the chain to ensure it is the correct length. But with the bike dripping wet from standing in the rain I was told in no uncertain terms the bike was not allowed into the kitchen, so that a job for one night in the week. I spent yesterday afternoon editing a bit of video I took with my Muvi Digital Camera. Editing the film was easy, trying to get the film into a format I wanted was a pain in the arse but I got it sorted in the end.

Unfortunately I ran out of time to upload it last night and as I had intended to post it in my blog I never got to write this blog. So I started the upload this evening when I got back from Slimming World, well at least I though I had. Checked the PC 40 minute later 0% uploaded, seem like the upload process fell over before it started. So I restarted it and it is going quite slowly and has another 45 minutes to go as I type so it has missed tonight blog post, ho hum.

When I got up this morning and lifted the blind over the window I realised that the car had not moved off the drive since Friday night, don’t ask me why it came to me at that moment as I don’t have a clue. In fact I only went out the house on Sunday to go to the shed, when the daughter came in from work at 4 o’clock we had to unlock the front door for her as it was still locked from where she had locked it when she left for work at 8 o’clock yesterday morning.

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