dam you breakages

If two bike and two PC breakages at home since the beginning of the month is not enough (and that does not include those PC’s at work), we can now add the TV to the list of breakages. The TV decided it did not want to play ball any more, it is the sons birthday today and as with all young kids he wanted to try out his new Wii game before school (he was up very early so time was not an issue), he tried to turn the TV on and nothing, dead, expired, deceased, a working TV no more (said in a Monty Python dead Parrot sketch voice), I was not impressed. Fortunately her in door had the forethought to take out insurance on the TV when we bought it just under 3 years ago (10 days until we have had it three years) so after a quick phone call the the company that administers the policy we have a man that can coming out to look at the TV on Saturday. In the mean time it back to the olden days, a 14″ TV with just 4 channels and talking to each other!!

While everything around me seems to be breaking I must be really tempting fate as I have been playing with a new mini laptop today. Bigger than a netbook but smaller than a notebook the Thinkpad Edge 11 is quite dinky. As much as I like the dinky size on the laptop I think I would find it to small for long term use. This one’s job if for occasional office use and on the road use, it will certainly be a lot easier to carry around compared to my 15″ screened Lenovo laptop.

Well that it I’m off before I break something else……………….

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