that was a orrible feeling……

On my way up the A34 this morning I decided to get some fuel before I got onto the M40, I filled the tank to the top which brought the cost into 3 figures and headed to the shop to pay. As I waited in the queue I got my wallet out to get the company credit card ready to slot in the machine (I hate those people who will queue for a couple of minutes and then get to the cashier desk not ready to pay and then faff around making me queue longer). To my horror I could not find my credit card and every passing second I was getting closer to the front of the queue………. On reaching the desk I told the cashier that my credit card was missing, he simply asked me if there was somebody I could phone who could pay, his question jolted my brain out of panic mode and back into reality mode. I quickly phoned one of the company directors, explained the situation and then passed the phone over to the cashier. While they were sorting out the payment I was scratching my head as to where my credit card was.

Once payment was made I apologised for causing the problem and quickly headed back to my vehicle. As I headed back onto the A34 I phoned my daughter at home and asked her to do a search of my desk encase I had left it on my desk while working from home. She searched over my desk while I was on the phone and then asked the obvious question, where did you use it last, I thought for a few seconds and then realised it was on Saturday at the services on the M27 to get fuel. My daughter said she would phone the motorway services and see if my card had been found at the service station. As I waited for her to call me back my mind was trying to work out how I was going to explain losing my credit card to the director. I was quickly brought back to reality when the phone rang, it was my daughter with good news, the card was at the service station on the M27. All I had to do was pop in and collect on my return journey this afternoon.

I have never felt so relieved, it was so horrible just not knowing where it was and not being able to remember where I last used it. I can’t work out how I managed to leave my card at the petrol station cash desk. I was lucky apparently as they normally only keep cards for four days before destroying the card and informing the credit card company, today was the fourth day.

Several years ago I went to a petrol station and filled the car up with fuel and then realised I did not have my wallet with me. Since then I always check my pocket to make sure my wallet is there as I drive down the road, think I might need to start checking the contents.

Last night was weigh-in night, and it was a good weigh-in for me, 2lb off. Just need to stick to the straight and narrow eating wise and keep that downwards trend.


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  1. A red face at the queue but sticking to the straight and narrow, and 2lb lighter, well done.

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