a week I would rather forget

This past week was one that had I been given the option I would of avoided. On Monday my yo-yo weight returned. Late Tuesday afternoon I was informed of a minor problem with one of our database (at work) and tomorrow (Wednesday) can I get a copy of the database from the backups to they can compare the data tables. Why then on Wednesday do I get the third degree as to what the problem is and then I have problems with the recovery of the data from the backup tapes. Thursday, I get a phone call lunch time to say the father in-law had been taken to hospital after having a minor stroke. Friday no problems just rushing around catching up with everything else I had missed in the week. Saturday, had decided to take the wife out to Moors Valley for her second ride since getting back in the saddle. First problem can’t get near Moors Valley as there is a country show on in the area and all roads of grid locked. So we turn round and opt to go to Hurn Forest, find a parking spot, get the bikes ready, put helmet, on wife fall out van…………take helmet off, put bikes back on van drive home! Thinking I should stay in bed tomorrow……..

I did actually go out and ride this morning (on my own), ended up going over the local heath, tried a few more of those paths that I had not tried to date. Tomorrow I am trying an old route with a new twist. After this past week I might be asking for trouble so I am not saying anything about it.

One thought on “a week I would rather forget”

  1. “find a parking spot, get the bikes ready, put helmet, on wife fall out van…………”

    Tell you what you really couldnt write that to be honest……. (just sat giggling my arse off!!!! sorry Karen, but the way he’s put it “wife fell out the van” it sounds as though it happens everyday…. lol

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