where my legs gone?

I heard the clock radio kick in this morning, then an hour later I heard it switch off, I really wanted to turn over and go back to sleep but knew I really had to get my arse out of bed and go for a bike ride.

With breakfast consumed I ventured outside, it was cool enough this morning to wear my cycling jumper. It did not take long to wonder where my cycling legs had gone as they were not with me as I headed for the Stour river path.

I had decided to try my long Throop loop which takes in Moors Valley and then try and find a better route back to the A31 crossing. Well most of the Throop area was much like I found the local heath yesterday, muddy like a winter ride. Every hill I came became a battle of mind over legs and with my legs complaining at every incline. By the time I had finished the “Through the Forest” trail at Moors Valley, my legs were not the only body part shouting at me, my butt was making it’s self known, it really was becoming a pain in the butt.

Things did not improve down the Castleman Trail, I was looking at cutting through some woodland\heathland but every access point had a large no cycling sign on it. In the end it became a futile exercise and I ended riding towards the A31 via road and coming out about a half of mile past the crossing which was not much better than my previous attempt.

I headed back into Hurn Forest and then onto Parley Common, by now my legs were refusing to co-operate and the pain in the butt was getting worse, I was now taking to standing on the pedals to give my butt a rest. By the time I had reached the Parley road I decide to head for home rather than going back around Throop, my body had had enough and I was now listening to it. I don’t even know how long the ride was as I forgot to record my route when I got in, the GPS battery went flat and I lost the route. I think the ride was about 32 miles.

Thing continued downwards while I was cleaning the bike, having only just got the Whyte back running having had the rear wheel re-nippled, I noticed a lot of oil around the rear shock shaft, I think it is time for a shock service. Guess where my tax rebate will be going 🙁

Supposed to be going on a family ride tomorrow in the New forest but both the wife and son are not feeling great at the moment so plans may be changing.

Where I ride at Throop is where the Red Arrow plane of Flt Lt Jon Egging crashed last weekend. Living close to Hurn airport we are fortunate enough to see them flying overhead as they fly in and out of the airport several times a year, always putting on a mini display as they do so. The wife and son actually watched them fly into Hurn airport on that fateful Saturday afternoon unaware that one of the planes had crashed. Yesterday morning we watched them fly out of Hurn airport in three separate group, probably for the last time this year. I don’t have any 2011 pictures of the Red Arrows so here a couple the wife took at Swanage in 2010

Red Arrows Swanage 2010
Red Arrows Swanage 2010
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  1. I don’t know what it is but the same thing happened to my legs on my commute to work about 8 hours ago, it was a real struggle to get here.

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