unwanted visit from the toothache fairy

I have only ever had toothache twice, the first time was earlier this year and it hurt, the second is now and is a lot more painful. I will be phoning the the dentist tomorrow morning to see if I can get in and see him but I can’t see him any earlier than tomorrow afternoon as I have a meeting in the morning which I have cancelled twice already so can’t really cancel again.

Was considering riding the Dorset Dirt a 30 mile cross country ride on Sunday but had been biding my time to see what the weather was going to be like on Sunday. With all this rain we have had and now with the toothache, I am not sure if I will enjoy riding on Sunday, especially if you check out the weatherforecast (below) from Met Check

Sunday forecast, er a bit windy

Looks like it will be a bit windy 😮 Looking at Met Office for Sundays forecast is showing rain so I may not do the ride.

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One thought on “unwanted visit from the toothache fairy”

  1. I’m sure I cycled into those winds today, that can be the only reason my progress was so slow. Mention toothache, and I get sympathy pains, I can’t abide it, hope you get it sorted. Thankfully, I don’t have any problems with my teeth, currently, and it’s a good job, because my check-up appointment has now been cancelled by my dentist for the 3rd time, I should have gone at the beginning of August, now I won’t be seen until mid October???

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