As I mentioned yesterday I have been on creak finding duties again. I have spent the day dismantling the back-end of my bike, from the crank back everything was removed, cleaned and refitted, I started just after the rugby finished (well done New Zealand) and finished at about 4pm after a ride up and down the road revealed no more creaking. I did not find anything definitive but I felt that the cassette was not as tight as it should of been (I did not have to put a lot of effort in to moving the locking nut) when I came to remove it from the rear wheel. I had not checked the cassette up until that point as I only refitted it a few weeks ago when I fitted a new one to replace the worn one. I always tighten cassette up with a torque wrench so if it was loose I am not sure why.

It never ceases to amaze me when I am working on my bike how many tools I end up using, this is all the more obvious when you come to put everything away. I don’t have a shed or garage to work in, so I work outside (thankfully the weather was good if a bit windy) so I have to put it all back in the shed when I am finished. Add to the list of tools all the other bits like rags, cleaning liquids, lubrication, bike stands the list is endless and it all has to go back in the shed.

I am a motorsport fan, I like watching 4 wheels and two wheel sport (3, 6 and 8 wheeled as well). But it has not been a good time for motorsport this past week. We lost Dan Wheldon in that big Indy car crash last weekend and we have lost Marco Smoncelli in the MotoGP this morning. They will both be deeply missed from there chosen sport. On a positive note Poole Pirates Speedway team won both the league and knock Out cup this year.

Well I am out of here, roll on Wednesday when I am on holiday……..

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  1. I have a shed, which I could work in if it weren’t for all the @#*%! stored in it, so like you taking everything out, then putting it all back after can be a bit of a drag, especially if it starts raining. Glad you solved the creaking problem, and have a good holiday.

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