once more into the mud

Well the mid week ride never happened this week, no excuses it just happened that way.

Now that out of the way, it was not till the last minute that I decided where I was riding this morning, ok not last minute but 20 minutes before I went out the door. It all started with me thinking that I should try and change my rides, so that my mid week ride could be a short Throop loop in reverse, Saturday would be a short local rides on Canford Heath or parts of Hurn Forest with the family and on Sunday I could do a New Forest or Wareham Forest type ride.

Well early Friday night all 3 of us were going to ride tomorrow so it was going to be over on Canford Heath. Then mid evening when the daughter came in from work she announced that she going to spend the day with our son, ok just the wife and I riding. Then the wife said her knees were to painful so she would not be riding tomorrow, just me then. Reading the forums for the local mtb club a new person asked asked where he could ride, so I offered to show him some sections of Canford Heath either Saturday or Sunday, so that is me and possibly a n other on one day and me on my own the other doing a New Forest or Wareham type ride. Just as we were going to bed daughter announces she is going to sleep over at a friends house.

Saturday dawns bright and sunny but showing signs of heavy over night rain. No contact from the new club member regarding my offer so it me on my own. Wife says she thought son was coming with me, I explain that he is supposed to going out with daughter who is not hear (I am now dressed in my cycling gear and the bike is out the shed ready to go). It is then decided that as the daughter is unlikely to be back until about midday that I can ride with my son and then the daughter can take him out this afternoon, confused? so was I, I just wanted to go for a ride.

So now as I was riding with my son I decided to head for Canford Heath, basically do the same ride as last week but just throw in a couple of up hills and down hill bits to see how he coped. I had even charged up the Muvi video camera up ready to record some riding, so I took it with us intending to capture the son’s riding. That failed, mounted in on my cycle helmet but I set the bracket pointing to far forward so all I got was the trail about three foot in front of my front wheel.

It was quite a bit muddier than last week but on the whole the son coped well (especially considering the dirt jump style tyres he is riding on). He failed to get through the clay pit and ended up stopping in the middle of the big puddle which I had left to near the end of the ride, so from there it was home arriving just after midday (I promised him I would mention a collision with a wall and metal post on the way home, high metal post, low handle bars opps!).

Daughter turned up just after we arrived home, we had lunch and then she took the son out which left me to clean two very muddy bikes, I think there will be a lesson in the responsibilities of bike cleaning and maintainance on the agenda very shortly.

Tomorrows ride……………..there will be a ride, watch this space!!

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