wrong turning

Most weeks I travel up and down the A338 two or three times, while I have investigated quite a bit of the wooded areas on both sides of this road there was always one small entrance into the woods that caught my eye which I had not explored until today.

I have seen piles of logs stored there, I have seen guys on MotoX bikes going into the woods there so I always felt that I should explore it. The main thing that has stopped me in the past has been a long road ride from any of the other wooded areas I normally ride. I decided to ride there with my son today as we would drive the van to the location so no nasty road riding.

As I had to wait in for a parcel this morning it meant my ride with my son would not be until this afternoon. While we were waiting we did some tyre swapping between bikes. I put the new Panracer tyres I took off my hard tail last week onto my Whyte. The old Panracer tyres I took off the Whyte I put on the sons bike, even at half worn they have more thread than the tyres he had on, so should improve his mud paddling abilities.

So with bike ready and our stomachs full we headed out into the afternoon sun for the short drive to the woods. What happened next could simply be explained with the following phrase we arrived, we saw, we turned round and went home!! To give a bit more detail, we parked at the gate unloaded the bikes and then headed off down the path, all of about 40yds. This brought us out into a clearing but there were no tracks heading off from the clearing, I could see where one of the logging machine had come out of the forest into the clearing (no doubt to drop off the logs I had seen earlier in the year) but that was now overgrown and very boggy. So within two minutes of leaving the van we were back at the van loading it up ready to head off again, must be my shortest ride ever.

We headed back to Hurn Forest and did a quick little ride around the forest there.As normal I gave my so a new surface to ride this week, tree roots, He ridden over them in the past, but there quite a few on the route today, enough for him to say it was bumpy anyway. He also learnt how to fall off into the heather and not be seen!!

Tomorrow, don’t know but something will happen……….

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