pretending to be a steam train!

When I was younger it was sticking a piece of cardboard on the rear fork stay so that the cardboard rubbed on the spoke so it sounded like a motorbike going down the road (well at least we thought so) when we cycled off. Yesterday I went out on a club ride and there was a small group of us at the back of the pack, huffing and puffing up this muddy, claggy, slight incline and a small voice from behind chirped up and said “we sound like a bunch of steam trains……..”

Yesterday it started out cold and sunny but by the time I left for the ride it was cold a cloudy. I decided to ride the 2.5 miles to the start point via the local heath and then into Delph Woods and then down the old railway line. I avoided most of the muddy bits on the heath but decided to take the easy path around the edge of Delph woods. This was ok until I came across the muddy bits, they were muddy and deep. By the time I got to the starting point my bike looked like it had done a full days ride in the mud already. I was also over heating by this time, so off came the first of my four layers.

The ride started and then stopped about 100yds up the road after the pedal fell off the ride leaders bike, not a good start fortunately it was only about 20yds from where his car was parked. We headed back to the local heath I had cycled across earlier, there were a couple of trails I had not tried before. One was a steep descent which had a lot of roots at the start and the other was a bit like riding in a deep gulley down one side of a hill and up the other side not a steep hill just a gentle incline in a 2 foot deep gulley just wide enough for the pedals and lined with prickly gorse bushes, fun! At the end of this section the 2nd of my four layers came as I was getting warm again. But now here is the problem, when I was going down hill my upper body was cold, when climbing up hills I was to hot, I can’t win…

Once we were off the heath it was off onto some new trails for me, not exactly sure where we went but hopefully I will be re-visiting those trails again over the xmas period. The ride finished with a nice little down hill section which brought us out on the old railway line close to our start point.

I have a busy week ahead at work, lots to try and get sorted before xmas plus I have some time to take off before the xmas holidays start. Dentist again for me tomorrow which is hopefully my last visit and he can finish the treatment.

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