been decorating!

I was getting fed up with the old blue site and wanted something simple, I think this covers it. Still a bit of tweaking to do but it does what it says on the tin, the theme is called clean simple white.

Went out for a ride this morning, nice and sunny if a little cold, frost and ice were companions this morning. The mud situation was not as bad as I had expected, most of the trails were dry-ish with the expected mud pools. I did a Throop loop I normally do as a night ride but as soon as I hit the green stuff (the first 2.5 miles is on tarmac) I was wheezing, gasping wreck which is the same as it has been for the past few weeks. I deliberately kept the ride simple as I am really looking at getting back to fitness so in Hurn forest it was a case of just riding along the fire road from one end of the forest to the other. But the forest is a mess, they had heavy forest plant in felling trees and the mess they have made of some of the path, is just plain criminal. I should of got a photo but one path is only just passable now on foot due to the two foot deep, two foot wide tyre tracks of the plant machinery.

I even managed to brake a spoke on the front wheel, not sure when it went but I suspect it was right at the start before I even got to the green stuff, I was crossing the road and as I went across the road I heard a loud pop. Checked both wheels at the time but found nothing but found it while cleaning the bike this afternoon.

I was so exhausted this afternoon went and had an hours sleep on the bed, not my normal course of action as it normally means I don’t sleep at night, hoping I will be able to sleep when I retire tonight.

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  1. Thats ok I will loan Ryan or Kristie the wooden stick that when you do the Catching Flies bit then they can poke you with it to wake you up!!!
    Also this text should darker 🙂

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