and so it goes on…..

I would of liked to think things were going to get better, but based on current circumstances they are not. Work has been s***e this week, 3 trip to head office and very little of what I needed to get done got done but that does not stop them demanding it. Finally to end the week on a low note, I broke a tooth today eating a crisp or rather it just broke. It one of the ones I had the root canal work on late last year. The bit of tooth is still in my gum and I have managed to push (with my tongue) the broken bit back into place so it does not hurt my gum (as it was doing), but I can now only eat on one side of my mouth now. Hopefully I can get to see the dentist on Monday.

I went for a ride this morning (pre-broken tooth) with my son. As it has been a couple of months since his last outing (and painful knee due to schoolboy pranks) I decided to go out to the New Forest and ride the old railway line from Burley to Holmlsey and back. It is only 5 miles round trip but by the time I got back to the car park anyone would of thought I had ridden 10 times that distance, I was just dead on the bike. As is normal when we are in this neck of the Forest I was forced to stop at the Station House Tea House for refreshments, as you can see cycling requires a lot of chocolate cake and milk shake.

Ryan refuelling
Waiting on the old platform