wow – two rides in one week

Well if you can call yesterday ride, a ride, then going out again this morning I guess constitutes two rides. I a woke to clear blue sunny skies this morning so I thought I had better go for a ride. if as latest as walking off the drive I had not decided where I was going riding this morning. It seems as though old habit dies hard as I automatically turned left off my drive and headed toward Throop. It might have been blue skies and sunny, but it was a wee bit chilly. I thought I would do the same ride as I did last week until I realised that I had past the turning so it was a normal Throop loop then.

Thankfully I had more energy than I had yesterday but it was not long before the gremlins struck. I stopped just before going over the weir at Throop as my front brake was rubbing and quick re-centre of the calliper and I was on my way. I did one thing a little different on this ride which was going clockwise around Hurn as opposed to my normal anti-clockwise route. By the time I had got on to Parley Common my front brake was rubbing again so I had to stop On closer inspection it looked like one of the callipers was stuck (not re-turning). I managed to encourage it to move back into the calliper and continue my ride. More work was going to be required once I got home.

At this point I had forgotten about the trail destruction caused by the tree clearing in Hurn Forest at the rear of the old St Leonard Hospital.

Trail destruction
Crushed drainage pipe, just above the puddle of water on the left

In the first picture it look as though there is a path but about 7 meter behind where the bike is resting in the tree, it is only about 18″ wide and is an open ditch which connects up to the broken drainage pipe in picture 2

The the tyre trenches are ridable it is certainly not enjoyable and will remain wet through out the summer where the broken drainage pipe is (the area to the left in the first picture is boggy which is what the pipe is draining). Hopefully once they have finished the tree clearing they will repair this section. I should imagine the local caravan park will be complaining as this is one of the paths from there site to the forest. The rest of the ride was uneventful.

Once back home the front forks were removed to allow me to re-grease the lower headset bearing. Once the bearing was sorted and the forks refitted I turned my attention to the front brake calliper. After removing the brake pads and with the help of a screw driver I was able to get the stiff piston moving again, certainly moving more than it was.

Later this coming week the rear shock from the Whyte goes away for a service and then I can get that bike up and running ready for the summer so I can give the Cannondale a rest after months of slogging through the mud.

Well enough waffle from me I am out of here……………

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