what happens when the wheel falls of your wagon

Not so much a wheel falling off, more like all the wheels being removed and left to sit on piles of bricks…………

Well last night was crunch time, just before Christmas I left Slimming World due to a funding crisis with the intention of starting again when funds were in a better condition. Well last night the time had come to rejoin.

I knew it was not going to be good news, trouser that were once nice and baggy are now once again tight and in some case are to tight to wear. At Christmas I always let myself go a little bit and enjoy the food, but in this time my Christmas did not finish until last night. I have not stood on a set of scales since my last slimming world night (its not something I normally do anyway). I had wondered what the damage was going to be but soon put the idea out of my head because had I under estimated my weight gain I would be really annoyed if when I stood on the scales I was way over my estimate. What ever my current weight was I was not expecting it to be good and I was not disappointed from that point of view. I have gained 2 stone (28lbs, 12.7kg take your pick it is all the same) since just before Christmas. If I am honest it is about where I though I would be, any less and I think I would of got of lightly, any more and I think I would be feeling very depressed about the situation.

So now the hard works starts, my first target is to get back to where I was pre Christmas and from there get my weight down to where it should be. I am going to need help, so feel free to give me a nudge in the right direction when you see me heading in the wrong direction……..PLEASE!


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  1. Nudges a’plenty will come your way if I see you slip off that wagon.

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