two in two days!

I have not been able to report two good rides in two days lately but today will go down as one of those good weekends.

I decided yesterday that I wanted to do something different, I was weary of my lack of fitness of late but in the end I decided on riding from Badbury Rings to Chettle in a big loop. I had my concerns as my legs were aching after yesterdays ride and that was only 18 miles, this was 22.5 miles.

The day dawned misty and over cast but by time I had got to Badbury Rings the sun was shining, short sleeved shirt was the order of the day, my arms started cold but my body was warm, certainly to warm for wearing the jumper I was carrying. For the first time I was going to try some electrolyte drink, after the mess of Cannock Woods in January I worked out that I should be using electrolyte based drinks not energy drinks, hopefully this would solve my cramp problems.

The ride starts as a slow steady climb up bridleways and Drove paths, up but slowly enough not to notice, unless your thighs are aching from the previous days ride!! I was remembering to drink the electrolyte drink (along with the plain water I took as well), while my legs ached there was no sign of the cramp.

My doubts about the distance of the ride were well founded, by the time I got to the steep climb at Sovell Down (16.5 miles) my legs were gone but at least there were no cramps. It was a slow push up the hill, followed shortly after by another push up the next hill near Moor Crichel. After that my legs were able to cope with the other small humps I came across on my way back to the car park at Badbury Rings. It was a slow ride completed without cramp and the bonus being that my legs don’t ache after the ride as they have done previously. It looks like the electrolyte drink was a success.

Tomorrow nights ride will just be a simple short ride, nor exactly sure where yet, just a simple ride to put some miles under my belt.