not much left…

During my ride yesterday I got to thinking about what was still original on my bike (with the advent of the new front disc brake). The bike is approximately 2.5 years old, the only original items that are still on the bike now that were there when I bought it are:

Front Wheel
Rear Brake
Seat Post
Rear Mech (dérailleur)
1 tyre (currently in the shed as it is more a summer tyre than a muddy winter tyre)

There is not a lot of the original bike left is there? Bits of the bike have been changed either through, fault, personal choice, wore out or upgraded. Having given you what left I suppose I should tell you what happened to the other bits:

Frame, exchanged under warranty
Front dérailleur, changed due to damage
Rear wheel, freehub wore out
Handle bars, changed for personal choice
Handle bar grips, changed for personal choice
Saddle, changed for personal choice
Front forks, upgraded
Headset (bit that connects forks to the frame for steering), wore out and upgraded to better model
Bottom Bracket\Crank, wore out and upgraded to a better one
Front brake, upgraded to a better model as the old one needed servicing
Pedals, changed personal choice
Tyre, sidewall split
Lots of inner tubes!!

That list does not take into account the servicing of the components during their life on the bike. The hub (Hope Pro 2) on the current rear wheel has been rebuilt, the forks have been serviced recently (complete strip down and all new seals) after failing while out on a ride. Then there has been a several cassettes, chain rings, chains and brake pads fitted as the previous one wore out.

I am not even going to try and put a price on this as it would likely scare me, but to me it is the price of exercise, fitness, freedom and fun. What price would you put on your enjoyment??


One thought on “not much left…”

  1. Ohhhh I know what you mean…

    I am sure when I was a kid the only consumables where tyres, and that was mainly because of the constant need to lock the back wheel up 🙂

    My bikes are all like triggers broom..The only original bits on the main road bike are the stem, right hand shifter and handlebars, The those bits are about 3 years old!

    The Aluminium Cross bike is about 2 years old and is down to Forks, Handlebars, Stem,Shifters and Saddle…

    I’m not sure if its bits aren’t designed to last or if its we use them!

    I am now going very much old school with my kit…Steel Frames, Forks, full mudguards etc….

    IIn four years I have cracked 2 Aluminium frames and a Carbon Frame, I have worn out 3 pairs of wheels….Ok so I do 10,000 miles a year…But surely it should last a few years 🙂

    And whoever said cycling is cheap never actually rides a bike!

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