just another week at the office

A week of contrasts, I have been very busy with work, sorting a problem with a software supplier who had set-up a new test environment which was not working correctly. They failed to get it sorted so we had to tell them how we could get around their cock-up but we still had to drag them along to get them to get their software working…….and we pay for this sh*t

One day this past week (can’t remember which) one I was going from desk phone to mobile and back to desk phone answering calls with little or no time in between to actually do any thing in between.

Boss: What did you do all day?

Me: answer the phone

Boss: and?

Me: answer the phone!

I was just complete madness.

On top of this I had to travel to head office around trip of 280 miles and then the next day I was at an employees house sorting out there ADSL connection which was a round trip of 300 miles, the joy of driving.

And while this has been going on I have had the pressure of the wife’s non-employment looming over me. At least I can reveal that as of 9:30am Monday 26th she will be back in the land of employment. A phone call to see if she was interested in a job, a phone call to go to an interview (for said job), an interview (for said job) and a phone call with the offer of a job, all in the space of 6.5 hrs. There was a loud audible sigh of relief when the news broke in this household, it is such a relief.

Not sure if an evening ride is going to be possible this coming week, the wife job has a couple of late finishes and with the clocks moving to BST, will just have to see how things settles.

Went for a ride this morning this is what happen half way round my ride

Tyre blown off
Inner tube bursting out after the tyre blew off the rim

(I can’t be bothered to rewrite the story so here what I wrote about the event on the MBR Forum)

The story, with the summer weather here I took my mud tyre’s off and put the Maxxis Larsen on this morning then went for a ride over the local heath. There is a long descent with about 6 railway sleepers as step on the way down. On the second step I jumped off the step but went a bit off line and landed on the grass bank and got a big kick from the rear end as I continued on down the path. I stopped at the bottom checked the rear wheel, particuarly the spokes but everything seemed ok. I then rode about 3/4 of a mile along wide gravel path, the last 1/4 up a long steep climb. At the top I am a wheezing gasping wreck and as I rolled down the trail there a sort of a thud, the back wheel locks up and I come to an abrupt halt, the picture was what I saw when I got off the bike.

I think two things led to this, the first was I put the tyre on the wrong way round (which I noticed when I took it off after it blew off). The Larsen tyre has square tyre block threads, the middle blocks of thread have a leading edge which is champered, while the trailing edge is square 90 degree cut. Secondly while I put the same amount of pressure in the tyre that I have had in the mud tyre’s for the winter, I did feel the back end was a bit soft (while both tyres are 2.0 the Larsen is a bigger profiled tyre and a lot softer). So what I think happened was when I landed on the grass bank and it kicked the back round I think it was the square cut section of the thread that bit into the grass and as well as kicking the back round and with the low tyre pressure it dragged the tyre either off or very close to the edge of the rim. Why it took so long to come off I don’t know.

The back wheel took some getting out, the inner tube was a slime filled one and it was difficult to get enough air out of the valve without it sealing up. Tool me about 25 minute all toll. I am glad it went when it did as the next section was down hill through some tree and then down a short steep hill

It is funny really because as I was fitting the summer tyres this morning I noticed that a section of the side wall on Kenda tyre that goes on the front wheel was wearing through (which is what happened to the other Kenda tyre) so I thought I better be careful and take it easy on that tyre until I get a new one (which I have done ready for tomorrow), but it was the rear tyre that played up.

I will leave the story about getting home from the ride to find I had been locked out the house as everybody had gone shopping for another day.