no peace for the wicked

It has been a long week, despite a good weight loss on Tuesday night I was unable to lift myself all week, things just seemed to be conspiring against us yet again at the moment, that was winding me up. I be came the bear with a sore head and the week went down hill from there. By the time I got up Friday morning I was feeling better and had a plan for the weekend, after breakfast that plan went in the bin as the wife told me her plan for the weekend and that did not include me going for a ride Friday.

Friday evening I got a call from work, the end result being I had to go in to work at Newbury on Saturday morning to resolve a small problem, that was the end of the plans for Saturday and the club ride I was intending to go on. Fortunately the Newbury branch is not that far from the Croft Trail at Swindon (from Newbury compared to home), so assuming it did not take all day to resolve my small problem I was going to ride the Croft Trail. Saturday morning I was up early (as Saturdays go) got my bike on the van along with my riding kit and was heading for Newbury a little after 8am and arrived a little after 9am.

By 10:30am I was heading down the M4 to Swindon, all morning the weather had been grey and drizzly and now was no different. Thankfully by the time I arrived at the Croft trail the drizzle had stopped. I was soon out riding the trail, I have been to Croft twice before but they have added a new section since my last visit so I decided a steady ride on the first lap to remind myself of the trail and acquaint myself with the new bits. The new bits I liked accept for one corner which was a case of up onto a little hump, turn 90 degree right and down a little drop off between two trees, with the exit bearing to the right and climbing up a small hump. First lap, I clear the drop off but end up arguing with a tree on the left on my exit. Lap two, I am really getting to like that tree on the left as this time I end up head butting the tree (thankfully I had my cycle helmet on). I decided a new approach to the hump was required, but first I required a pit stop, so at the end of the second lap I returned to the van.

As the wife was with me I decided to try to get a few photographs, unfortunately none turned out very well, this was the best of the bunch.

Me at Croft
Not sure why the so serious expression

After the attempted photo shoot I went off on another two laps, I remembered to try something different on the hump drop off and I am happy to report that I managed to avoid the tree on my next two laps.

At about 3.5 miles per lap, that was a nice 13\14 miles ride. The Croft trail is a great little XC trail, the trail twists and turns on a narrow strip of land along side the M4. If you are in the area then give it a visit but I don’t think it is the sort of trail you would want to make a day trip to visit.

Saturday night was my favourite pass time………..NOT! the family party, I just don’t like family gatherings. I think this saying say it all

“you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your relatives”

It must have been one of the few times I was happy to act as dads taxi to my daughter (she had another event to attend) and I had to drive her to that so that meant that we had to leave early….

Tune in tomorrow for the next instalment…………return of the creak!!

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