I thought it was Saturday

Rolled over in bed this morning thinking I could have a lie in as it was Saturday, that illusion was soon shattered as the radio alarm clock burst into life (the alarm is set not to come on on Saturdays and Sundays), through my bleary brain I soon realised that it was Thursday and in fact I could not have even a small lie in as I needed to leave a few minutes earlier than normal. As I left home listening to the car radio I heard one of the main roads I had to travel along was closed due to an accident, you can see my day was not starting well. It got worse when I had to divert from my diversion as the road a head was blocked with a broken down car…………ho hum I wished was Saturday and I was still in bed. Thankfully my day did not get any worse although it did not get much better either.Spent the last few hours sorting a video from 2006, like most people when we first got the video camera we just filmed whatever we wanted then copied it all to disk as a video file (compared to raw footage) complete with shakes blurry images etc. So I thought I would chop out the junk and make a half decent video, not so bad now but still need some more tweaking and a audio track rather than wind rustling through the microphone on the camera.Talking of wind already started checking the weather for the weekend, wind is forecast in the right direction, sunny periods as well. If the forecast is correct then I think I will go out and play.Maybe if the weather stays nice I will get the BBQ out for its second outing this year and then there the gazebo to go up, but first the grass needs cutting which means all the edges need strimming but first I need to clean the shed out as I can’t get the mower out of the shed………………………………and so it go on.Maybe I will just go to bed Friday night and get up on Monday!