Its Friday, its five to five, its crackerjack!!

With a title like that I am really showing my age!My son does not know the benefit of having a lie in yet, he will get up around 7-30am at the weekend and go down stairs and watch kids TV, I don’t understand the cartoons that he watches. Try to get him to understand that the only cartoons I ever saw on TV when I was his age were either over a holiday period when they had the Disney show was on or Tom and Jerry came or if I was really lucky Popeye. Try telling him that when I was his age, there were only two TV channels, pictures were all black and white and TV did not run all day I just get told that was ages ago, thanks I feel really old now.Well its the weekend, best days weather for me looks like tomorrow, so it means I will be up early tomorrow and out early to get the shopping done. Then its back home load up the car and then of to my local flying site, not no planes or helicopters, but kites…………..traction kites to be exact, that my past time, well one of them at least. I will hopefully spend the day cruising up and down the field, talking and joking with other fellow kite flyer’s. Then around tea time it will be home to a BBQ, sounds like a perfect day lets just hope it goes as planned, very little else has this week.Having worked out my timetable for work next week, it was bad enough that I had to go to head office twice next week, even worse one of those days was next Friday for a meeting (280 mile round trip). Well this afternoon a PC popped it clogs so now I have to go up on Monday, had already organised an engineer to visit to carry out some installation work on Tuesday (unrelated job) which was my other planned days to be at head office which I can’t change so now I have to be there three days next week. I think that next week will be a long testing week.Well before I get too depressed about next weeks work I will try to live life to the full this weekend, I may not have won the euro lottery tonight (some lucky Spaniard has that privilege) but I will enjoy myself and attempt to wake up Monday morning with a smile on my face (yeah some hope!!).