down, up, down but always onwards

That how it feels at the moment, things look better and as soon as you feel happy it is back downhill again. But it is always onwards…………………..

Booked a few days holiday last week (well 9 in fact) so I am not working any Friday between now and the new year which is good and I also have a whole week off as well. Had the first Friday off just gone and made the effort to get out on the bike. I was a bit unsure where to go so I opted for the easy option and go to Moors Valley. I had noticed a small path leading off the main trail at the start so I thought I would find out where it went. Well it was nothing exciting that was for sure so I won’t be going down that way again.

After one lap of the trail which included a detour due to tree felling I just went for a ride around the forest, nothing exciting just lots of deep tyre tracks (from tree felling machinery) to negotiate in soft sand and mud, got back to where I parked at about the time I had intended to. My legs felt very achy that night so I guessed I pushed it a bit.

Was hoping for a quiet weekend except the servers had a different idea though, well it was not the servers fault there was a power cut Saturday afternoon but the servers were not the least bit co-operative about starting up properly Sunday morning.

OK it is getting on for Christmas and all the big companies have their Christmas adverts are on, John Lewis is no exception. They are using a copy of the 1984 Frankie goes to Hollywood Christmas song “The Power of Love”, Gabrielle Aplin tries hard but unfortunately it is not a match for the original. If you have not seen the advert yet you, see the video below and so you can compare the original version is the bottom video, hope you enjoy

NOTE: Video’s now sorted



2 thoughts on “down, up, down but always onwards”

  1. I’m in a bit of a trough at the moment, booked nine annual leave days between lastweek and Cristmas, just using up my leave entitlement. My employer is one of those use it or lose it types. It’s hard work though, staying at home under ‘her indoors” feet! No idling allowed. Hoped to be out cycling through the early hours of each morning, but the presence of icy puddles has dissuaded me. Rain coming in tonight so should be able to ride in the morning, probably get soaked but at least I’ll get a ride (fingers crossed) Cheers.

    1. Exactly the same 9 days between now and xmas (it was actually 12 days but three had to be used for the break between xmas and new year), same use it or loose it situation here and just add to the fun I have a stack of works that needs to be done by the end of the year. Going to try and get out a few times next week and over the xmas break as well

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