Opps I missed a day

I never blogged on Saturday is that allowed??Well the weather forecast from Friday for Saturday was correct, the wind was in the right direction, westerly – ish. Managed to get out early to do the shopping then back home to load the car and get to the park around mid day. In fact we timed it right as the Kite Surf training schools were just packing up. Unfortunately the wind was up and down like a yo-yo for the first few hours, 0mph to 15mph and back again every few minutes, not much fun. Around three o’clock the wind came in at a steady strenght but it was still blustery.With the wind it became cold so after packing up and heading home we decided that we would give the BBQ a miss and cook the food on the cooker\grill.Had the joys on an Indian call centre last night, our broadband was down when we came back home so I left it a while, then tried some of the trick I knew to try and bring it back to life but nothing worked. In the end I called tech support and after the nice English lady gave me directions on the telephone menu system I ended up in an Indian call centre. Well the lady was obviously reading from a script based on a single windows PC (I have 6 computers, a mix of windows and Linux running behind a firewall). Well it was going no where my network was working perfectly all the tests I tried showed my network was ok. The Set Top Box (I’m on cable and have cable TV as well) was displaying an error on the connection to the Internet, this was of no interest to the lady in India, in the end I gave up and put the phone down. Funny 10 minutes later my Internet came back to life!!Had a long lay in this morning even by my weekend standards, something to do with going to sleep close to 2-00am. Had to go to the Hampshire branch of the company I work for to collect something I need for tomorrow. So we came back via the New Forest and spent a couple of hours wandering around the wood (and mud) taking photographs.It was quite cool in the trees and quite muddy (not as bad as last week when I left my shoe in the mud and got my feet covered in mud!).I enjoy going out to the New Forest keep trying to find corners of it I have not been to (there a lot of them at the moment). This was another one of those places, in fact I am even sure where we were (the we being the wife and I) except that it was not far off the main A337 and brought us out in Burley when we left. I timed my return home just right to collect our son from neighbours at the time I said we would be back, well that was until we decided to stop and get fuel ready for my trip to head office tomorrow, 25 minute after arriving on the forecourt we left, just very busy with two of the six pumps out of action, it also happens to be one of the cheapest petrol stations in the area (and it is not a supermarket petrol station).Well I have to be up early for my 300 mile round trip tomorrow so I going to have an early night.