and so the end is near……….

No they are not the words from My Way sung by big Frank (and many other) close but no cigar as they say.

Things have looked up a little since my last post, I have managed to sale my camera gear which I have had up for sale  for about 18 months but never really pushing the point of selling the gear. I decided that it was just sat there doing nothing other than going down in value so I decided to take a hit on the price I wanted and let it go. I just hated seeing it sat there no being used. The money will certainly help Christmas along and my hardtail bike (the Cannondale) will benefit from a new drive train components.

Feeling sorry for myself on Friday after being informed by a friend he had won a prize in a competition (a decent one at that) I hoped that looking through my old e-mails would reveal an e-mail I had missed informing I had won something, I even looked in the spam folder and to my surprise there was an e-mail in my spam folder telling I had won a prize!! It was one of those online advent calendar type competition, the e-mail had been send out on the 15th and I only found it on the 20th. I won a JD Bug scooter, one of those aluminium things you see the kids scooting around on. My son was most impressed as it meant he got an early Christmas present.

I have only been out for a ride the once since my last blog, I did a short Throop loop just for the mileage count, it was nothing exciting. Felt fairly wiped out when I had finished. I fitted two new mud tyre to the bike (Michelin Country Mud) when I got back, they  are very cheap at £8.99 per tyre which is cheaper than they were 2 years ago when they were £10 per tyre. Although cheap they are a very good mud tyre.

Been giving the comments I made in my last blog about weight issues a lot of thought, if nothing else the knee pain I am now suffering should be enough to encourage me to get my weight issues sorted, or at least you would think it should. My intention at this time is to enjoy Christmas and new year, not go mad with food or drink  (not that I do with drink, last alcohol I had was the end of August) and from the 2nd January start to get it sorted. Sound easy doesn’t it, only time will tell.

I watched a program that I had recorded which was on BBC 4 about the Slade (glam rock band), it is only as they go through all the songs they recorded that you remember all the songs you had forgotten all about. With it being so close to Christmas it would be to easy to put a “Merry Christmas Everybody” video up, I am pretty sure you have probably heard it enough while you have been out shopping. So I am not going to go down that route, instead here is one of my favourites. The video is old and grainy but if you are off that age, play the video and close your eyes and I bet you will start thinking of things you were doing as a teenager………

Merry Christmas one and all


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  1. Merry Christmas to you, and a Happy New Year, hope it brings everything you’re looking for, and you achieve your goals. Cheers.

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