not the start I wanted

Back on the Saturday 29th I decided to get some more fish for my tropical fish tank, over the past few years it had become a bit run down and was looking very empty with only 5 fish (4 Tetras about an inch long and a 12″ Common Plectomus) in a 4ft tank. I thought the time was right to get the tank back up and running. I had lost heart with it when when 16 or so fish died due to some form of  bacterial infection several years ago. I know it sound stupid but I felt helpless watching them die. I medicated the tank and took lots of advise but nothing seemed to help. After that I lost my enthuiasism for it and just went about looking after the remaining inhabitants.

So we came away from the aquarium shop with 5 Lemon Tetras and 4 Silver tip tetra, should of been 4 of each but an extra one found it way into the bag. On New years eve I went out and bought a new florescent tube as one of the two tubes was dead. All was well Tuesday night when we went to bed.

Wednesday morning I got up and staggered into the bathroom when I heard the sound of my son running upstairs followed by the following, “dad, the fish tank is empty and the floor is all wet” I ran down stairs to see a couple of inches water left in the tank and a soaking wet lounge carpet. A quick check around the tank did not show where the leak was which could only mean the tank had cracked somewhere. Fortunately I had a small 12″ square tank which I filled with the remaining water from the tank then caught the 13 tetras and put them in a bucket ready to move them to the other room where the other tank was. Now as I said I have a 12″ Plectomus to move, he is normally quite laid back so he was not to worried when I stuck my net over his head (its only a small net), things changed when I grabbed hold of his tail and lifted him out of the tank. I put him in the bucket with the Tetras to carry him into the other room but the silly bugger jumped out of the bucket, so there I am 7:15 in the morning on my hands and knees chasing a bloody fish across the soaking wet carpet. I eventually caught him returned him to the bucket only to find in the mayhem that three tetra’s had been thrown out of the bucket so I then had to catch those and put them in the bucket. Once all the inhabitants were in the bucket I took them to the other room and transferred them all to the other tank. The observant ones amongst you will have noticed I had a 12″ fish in a 12″ tank, not an ideal situation but at least he was still alive.

My 4ft tank held over 210ltr of water of which 80% was on the lounge floor we used towel to soak up as much water as possible and removed the remaining water from the tank. It was then that I found out what I had expected, a crack to the bottom of the tank, see picture below. Why it had cracked I don’t know.

fish tank crack
Crack across the middle of the tank


I would like to say that was the end of my problems, but no I would not be that fortunate. I got the loan of 3ft tank on Wednesday night and started to set that up but had problems with the pump from my tank not pumping correctly. On Thursday the pump in the little tank failed, so I had to go and buy a new pump for the loan tank and then it was a case of the fish having to moved to the big tank ready or not. Fortunately all the fish have survived so far, I have  also managed to get the pump working correctly.

The insurance man has been out and we pulled up the 95% of the carpet (couple of bits under units which we had not had time to clear so that we could move them). Now just waiting to see how much the insurance man is going to offer for replacement carpet and if we can get anything from the insurance for the tank.

At the moment the lounge looks like a bomb has gone off in there, packed boxes all over the place and now the wife wants to decorate the lounge, I guess it is the best time to do it but I am not exactly shouting with joy over the idea.

Hopefully 2013 can only get better

Lets have some music, if Spitfire was my favourite tune from 2012, this has to be my second favourite

Reading back over this I realise this is nothing compared to all those that have been flooded over the past few weeks, I only had a wet carpet in one room, some of those people had several feet of water through out the ground floor of their homes, think I will stop complaining.

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  1. Sorry about the carpet and tank, really enjoyed The Black Keys, cheers

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