One down two to go……….

Trip to head office this week…………I quite enjoy the early morning drives, its just getting out of bed which is the problem. When I left at 5-50am the sun was out but it was lovely and cool, so cool in fact that I had to turn the car heater on. But these bright summer morning must wake everybody up early as there is a noticeable higher level of traffic on the roads at this time in the morning during the summer compared to those cold damp December mornings.Also more noticeable at this time of the morning is the road kill, two dead deer at two separate locations this morning and one very large pool of blood (well the stain on the road from the pool of blood), no body just a very large red patch on the concrete dual carriageway(A419).On a more pleasant note the sunrises can be very nice as well, I have done a couple of very early morning drives and have watched the sun rise from the first ray of light breaking through the sky on the horizon. Some of the sites off my fellow travelers can be interesting. I expect to see at least one white van man drinking his morning coffee from one of those silver insulated mugs. There will be the BMW\AUDI\Lexus driver in the outside lane on his mobile gesticulating to the person on the other end of the phone. The women checking her makeup in the mirror, the guy on the push bike who certainly has the morning after the night before look and finally there the one who is still a sleep and drives accordingly.Well I have another early morning so I am having another early night so that I don’t fit into any of the catergories I mentioned above.