In Memory

After posting my blog last Sunday I decided to have an early-ish night ready for the week ahead, at 1am the phone rang, it was the hospital requesting us the come to the hospital quickly. We quickly dressed and I rushed the wife to the hospital dropped her off and then rushed back home (our son was still in bed a sleep, it did not seem right to disturb him). Just after getting home the wife phoned me, she was to late, her father had passed away a few minutes after the phone call from the hospital.

At the ripe old age of 85, William (Bill) Edwards had led a happy and fulfilling life, spending time in the RAF (his national service) and then in civilian life working as a butcher and then as a milkman until his retirement.

He leave behind his wife Edna, daughters Karen (my wife) and Sally and grand children Kristianne and Ryan, he will be deeply missed by all. The funeral is on Wednesday 29th.

It has been a tough few weeks for all the family…………….

Bills wedding day
Bills wedding day

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