the prognosis is………

Well I am back for another post, life is still throwing me curved balls while I am looking for a straight ball so there is nothing new there then, life goes on.

Just checked up on what I posted last time (not the very last one but the one from 2nd June) and my right calf had gone twang, so I will pick up the baton from there and start running.

A visit to the doctors followed where he sent me for physio at the local hospital (like I needed more visits to the hospital after the last few months). This appointment coincided with the first day of my holidays in early August. The nice physio nurse put my legs through some easy test, at least that what she said, my calf’s were hurting. After a few tests and a bit of a massage (she had lovely warm hands!!) of my calf’s she diagnosed extremely tight calf muscles. I was given a hand full of calf stretching exercise’s to do and told to come back in a month. I was also given a referral to the gym (more of that later).

The calf exercise’s are going well, I have only felt one twinge in my calf and that was while riding last week, I have been back to physio a couple of times now and have another appointment a week Monday which should be my final visit.

Going back to the gym (I have not been to a gym for 15+ years) was something I had been considering rather than going back to Slimming World (I would still be eating slimming world based meals as the wife was still attending Slimming World). It should have been so easy phone up and book an appointment as you have to be accessed and shown around etc. etc. Three attempts later I have an appointment for my assessment. The gym I currently go to is a council run gym which was a private run gym before it went bust, the local council had plans to build a new gym and swimming pool (just waiting for a school the close where they were going to build it) when this gym went bust so they bought that instead. So I am now going to the local gym on a weekly basis. A lot of the exercise I do there is aimed at my legs and calf I have just had a review and have upped the times and added a few new exercises to the routine. I have lost a little weight since I started so things are going in the right direction.

But you really have to laugh at some of the people that attend (I was going to say use but read on as that word is definitely the wrong word). You have the he man, he has the muscles, he looks the parts as he struts around and he grunts and roars when he lifts the weights just encase you have not noticed him. Then there is the hanger on, she is female, she is dressed for the gym except all her cloths are fashion cloths from the high street fashion outlet, she stands next to her mate who is using the equipment in the gym either talking to her or texting on her phone. Then there are the text-ers, they are using the equipment but they are always texting, for instances one girl sat on one of the exercise bikes and I guess her legs did about 30rpm while she sat there texting for about 15 minutes, maybe it was the thumbs that were being exercised….that’s it. Then finally there is the fashion goddess, she could easily adorn the pages of fashion catalogue, she has her make up on, not a hair on her head out of place, she has bling around her neck and around each wrist and a couple of rings on her fingers. Dont get me wrong there are lots that attend the gym and really go for it, there are quite a lot of women that would put me to shame that for sure but I just cant but laugh at those I mentioned, I can imagine them at work the following day or telling there mates, yeah I go to the gym……. Me, I wear my bright pink cycling top (the one from the Tazz ride), pair of grey sweat shorts and a new pair of Nike Trainers (my old trainers were not up to the job) and you will find me covered in sweat.

The fish tank, it has fish in it now, 11 of them, 5 Yellow Labs and 5 Yellow tail Acei and a catfish who name I can not remember and who hides away all day, only know he is there as I can see him hiding under a rock. Hopefully going to pick up a couple more catfish next weekend.

Well I have taken to ending my blogs with a video tune so I see no reason to change things now, an old Australian tune from 1982 when I was out in Brisbane

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  1. I went to the gym a few years back, those same people were there too. I stopped going, I found it a lonely place, as I wasn’t a member of the clique. Much rather being out there on my lonesome on my bike. Of course, touch wood, I haven’t got tight calves to worry about. Hope yours improve quickly with those exercises and the gym work. Cheers.

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