Death in the tank

It is nothing major but I could not come up with a better title.

One of my yellow labs in the fish tank has died, noticed one night last week I could only see 4 of the yellow labs, looked all around the tank and then started to take all the rock out, still could not find him, then suddenly I saw is dead body float up from behind the air stone, not sure what done the deed.

Despite the death the population count has gone up in the tank as I added three small cat fish Synodontis Petricola, Pygmy Leopard Catfish. They are only about an inch long and they race around the tank in and out of all the small rock crevices and holes in the rock. I love watching the fish tank, it is better than the TV some nights, ok most nights!!

No Gym this week, was totally wiped out Tuesday night. Went out riding with my son last Sunday and I was due to do the same today but when I checked it was drizzle with the threat of proper rain later (it actually started raining at midday). So we decided on a quick walk, so we set off for a walk along the edge of Poole harbour. About 100mtrs from where I parked and I felt that excruciating pain in my left calf, I tried to walk it off and kept going but I should of known better, had to turn round and go back. By the time I got back to the van my son had learnt a whole new vocabulary that I hope I never hear him use.

Back in April I did a charity ride for a member of the MBR magazine forum called Tazz (The Tazz Recovery Ride). The guy was quite seriously ill and it was decided that we would all meet up with Tazz upon his recovery and go for a celebratory ride. This was to give Tazz something to aim for as he went through his illness and recovery. It would not fair to say that at time we were expecting the worst new. His wife used to come on the forum and give us regularly updates, she pulled no punches when things got very rough. But thank fully the old boot neck (Royal Marine) pulled through. Well I have been a bit remiss in my duties and have only just got round to making a short video of the event, see the video below

Well that about raps it up for me I will spend the next few days hobbling, stretching and cursing my calf muscle, oh the fun……..