the night before the end of the world!

At least that is what the weather man would have us believe, apparently it will be a little windy with some rain for the next couple of days probably nothing we have not faced before or will do again in the future (assuming survive the weathermen’s forecast).

Last time I mentioned about going to the gym, well I have not been for about three weeks now, couple of weeks ago the wife was working on Sunday so son and I went for a wander, well about 50yds and then ouch!! my calf muscle pulled, it did not feel like anything special so I decided to try and walk it off. Well after about 3/4 of a mile I realised that it was not working and we would have to return to where I had parked. By the time we got back to the van my son had learn a whole new vocabulary, one I which I never hear him use (unless he is equally in pain). What is more annoying about this is I was signed off from the physio on the previous Monday. Think I will be booking a doctors appointment this week to get referred again and see if the doc will investigate my calf muscles problems. It not the same muscle this time, previously the pain had been in the back of the calf but this pain is in the inside of my leg at calf level.

My love of Microsoft windows has always been a bit of a love-hate relationship, over this past week it has become a I love to hate them relationship. First I get a new Laptop for work, it had Windows 8 on it. I had previously had a couple of short plays with it and hated it but knowing that not going to stop it from being used at work I decided it was time to get better acquainted. I also waited until the 8.1 upgrade was available as well so a new laptop was duly ordered.

The first problem (well not a problem but a time consuming task) was to make backup disks of the installed Windows 7. A couple of hours and 3 dvd later I had a set of Windows 7 recovery disks. I then set about feeding the 3 Windows 8 DVD into the laptop and after another couple of hours I had a login screen, at this point I went to bed. I took the laptop with me to work the following day intending to download and install the 8.1 upgrade and install all the other bits of software, wrong! The PC refused to boot to the login screen saying it could not continue the update process?? So instead I sat there feeding the 3 Windows 8 recovery DVD into the laptop again. This time the install took twice as long as the previous nights attempt, something had certainly gone wrong the previous night. Once I had Windows 8 installed on the laptop I spent an hour or so trying to find the update for Windows 8.1. Turns out I had to download and install 320MB of updates to update Windows 8 before I was allowed to install the 8.1 update which weighed in at a staggering 3.2GB!!! So it took nearly two days to get to a point of having a working laptop with Windows 8.1 on it, is this the price of progress??

My other reason for my hate of Microsoft and Windows (and quite possibly Cisco) this week is my home PC, for the third time in about 6 months Cisco VPN client has stopped working on my PC (I need this to connect to the my place of work so I can work from home). To complete remove Cisco from the PC you have to hack the registry by hand to remove entries that Cisco does not remove when you un-install the VPN client software. Well despite following the instructions certain networking bits of my PC don’t work any more, not sure if I can resolve this or I am going to have to wipe the PC and start again.

Tonight music clip, one of my favourite bands because in the 1970’s there were not to many bands that had both Violinists and Cellists has a regular members of the band but ELO did

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  1. Sorry to hear your leg muscle problems persist, meanwhile I always have problems with computers, because I’m too lazy to read the instructions. Keep posting, cheers.

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