not good

When the doctors says to you “good job your not a horse otherwise you would be glue by now” you know it is not going to be a good day. I was at the doctors again getting my calf muscle checked out a gain, and mentioned the pain in my left wrist when he came out with that comment. End result is I am waiting for an appointment for an ultra sound scan of my calf and I have tendinitis in my left wrist.

Well we are still here after the weather forecast of being blown away a week ago today. For some reason (apart from the howling wind) I was not able to sleep last Sunday night. Think it was about 4am by the time I got to sleep and I was woken by the alarm at 6am as I had to take the wife to work. A part from that it was a rather uneventful week off really, weather was wet and windy, not being able to walk anywhere or hold anything in with my left hand curtailed a lot of things I was planning to do. Most annoyingly the bike remained locked in the shed and my trainers never ventured in to the gym. One job that did get resolved was sorting out the Cisco VPN problem I mentioned in my last post. Wont go into detail but I did manage to get it working after a couple of days of on off playing with the PC and lots of googling (also involved wan mini-ports). Work really annoyed me last week, despite emailing everybody to tell them I was on a weeks holiday I had a steady stream of phone calls to my work mobile, by Wednesday the work mobile was turned off, I had had enough.

Well I think we will keep this short this week and move straight on to the music video, one of the rock stars that died to young, Thin Lizzy with Whiskey in the Jar

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