Wasting my time

Don’t you hate it when a company can not follow simple instructions, it is bad enough that there web site won’t allow you to do what you want and you have to phone up customer services (at your cost), who then pass you on to another department. Then when you explain exactly what you want the incompetent call centre staff still gets it wrong. But that is only half the story, once they realised they got it wrong there was nothing they could do to correct it, I had to wait for the changes to go through the system before they could be corrected.

Ok before I loose the plot completely this is what I am on about, I have three web sites and I wanted to change the settings on one of them (I won’t get techy with you about what I wanted but it was straight forward requirement), being unable to find where I needed to change the setting on their support web page I phoned the web hosting company up and told the call centre girl exactly what I wanted, she then passed me to another department and I explained again what I wanted. Somewhere between the two call centre people I spoke to, they managed to remove the web hosting on one of my other web site so it was not visible from Wednesday afternoon till sometime last night\early this morning. During this time I have spoken to other call centre staff in the UK, the USA and the Philippines and despite there international workforce they have failed at offering the most basic level of support.

The name of this incompetents company is “1and1”, it is not only the fact that they got it wrong but the fact that they were unable (or unprepared) to correct the cock-up they made. So I have spent the last 36 hours sorting out a new web hosting package for all three of my web sites. I am not moving away from “1and1” solely based on this cock-up, I was considering moving away from them anyway in the next 12 months (which in part was what the change I phoned up about was for, tidying up loose ends ready for a move) as they do not offer the service I wanted at a reasonable cost, but having had this problem thrust upon me now, is the straw that broke this camel back.