Day dream believer

Monday, first day back after the holiday, I did not want to get out of bed. Tuesday, I was a wake at around 4-00am and got up at 5-10am followed by along drive, Wednesday was another long drive, Thursday several short drives and a day when I never got any of the jobs finished I wanted to. Friday was the day we played hunt the e-mail game, oh the joys of work.

When you have one of those long drives, have you ever thought what you would do if you won the lottery, you dream about telling the boss what he can do with his job, the new house, sorry I mean mansion you would buy, deciding whether to buy a Bentley or Aston Martin and then realising you can buy both, the year long world cruise, the days spent on a sunny island paradise beaches and not having to lift a finger for anything. Once you have exhausted that episode of your dream, your mind scales the dream down to something a little more realistic and you start trying to work out how much money you would have to win just so that you could pack up work pay the mortgage and any debts off and still maintain the same standard of living your have now. Where would you invest the money to get the best return to keep you out of employment and become a person of leisure.

By the time this little episode of your dream has finished you move onto the fact of whether you would be happy if you won that sort on money. We have all seen the stories of what happens to some winners of large sums of money, those that go completely off the rails, to those that claim that they will continue to work 40 hours a week and it won’t change them. How many long lost relative will come out the wood work, old friends you have not seen since you left school start to contact you and expect you to splash the cash in there direction not to mention the pleading letters that find you despite the no publicity clause. 

By now desperation is setting in you start trying to remember if you checked the last lottery tickets you bought. Is the next lottery a roll over? Have I bought a ticket yet whats day is it, must remember to buy a ticket on the way home. 

You are awaken from your long drive induced day dream by your aching legs complaining as you try to stand as you get out of the car, the dreams fades fades from your mind as the reality of several hours of impending work now face you.

Several hours later and many degree tireder you return to the car and start your journey home and slowly but surely your mind slips into that day dream mode again, only this time what are you going to dream about, the blonde in the bar or the rock star in front of 70000 people………………….