all change

Well you can’t of missed the fact that a little internal decorating has been taking place, not sure if I like it yet or not, plus there are few wrinkles to iron out, so over the next few days I will either be ironing or re-decorating again.

Well tonight was weigh in night and I went to the weigh in with more than a little trepidation. Because of lousy hand life dealt us last week, the diet went out the windows for two days. I managed to wrestle control back until the weekend when a lack of will power got the better of me. So when I stepped on the scales and found I was 2.5lb lighter than I was last week I was…………………….not impressed!

Let me explain, last week I put 5lb on, so this week while I lost 2.5lbs, I am only losing what I have already lost, so yes 2.5lbs is a good loss (especially under the circumstances) but I am not hanging any flags out.

I think a good portion of that loss came from the cycling over the weekend, how much would it of been had I eaten properly during the week? Maybe I am being harsh with myself but I have to be, I have to beat myself up about it otherwise I will just shrug my shoulders and carry on like nothing has happened which is exactly what I used to do when I found my trousers no longer fitted. I shrugged my shoulders and went and bought a larger pair which is why I am where I am today. Clive at The Massive MTBer blog, has changed the title of his blog. I am not going to tell you what it is, go and have a look for yourself but I agree whole heartedly.

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