I want to get on

And I don’t mean the world, I’m still trying to get off of that. It does not matter what I try and do something stands in my way and when I do get my neck in front, something sneaks round and bites me in the arse. The latest problem is another computer one, its not a biggy, but it just a pain. Got all the web hosting moved, started to get things sorted and then found out one of the photo hosting packages which we intend to move expires earlier than I realised, so now I am up against getting the gallery moved as well. So there is no guessing what has happened is there, yep there is a problem setting up the new gallery, like I say it is not a major problem but it just one thing after another and it starting to wear me down.

We had a major discussion a couple of weeks ago, regarding holidays and for one reason or another I have already taken three weeks of my holiday and feel as though I have not had a holiday. For one reason or another I have not had that time when you lay back and think sod it, it is my holiday and I am doing nothing, I was always doing something for somebody else.

On a better note (and only just) it was weight in night to night and for the second week running I lost weight. Ok it was not earth shattering amount but it was a loss and I am now at my lowest weight I have been since starting  Slimming World over 12 months ago. Just got to keep on the straight and narrow for the next 6 days (he says sitting eating chocolate chip cookies!!).

……and if I am not frayed enough, I come to post this and the system errors out on me, so 20 hours later I can now post it………………..