I’m beginning to wonder

It was weigh in night tonight and as you can guess from the title it was not a good weigh in. I gained, only a pound but I can’t understand why? I am eating more sensibly, I’m eating less, I am riding 30 + plus miles over a weekend and I’m still putting “bleep” weight on, sorry I am so wound up over this I am scaring myself. I spent years not giving a toss about my weight or my health but now I am becoming dam paranoid about my weight loss or more to the point the lack off.

At the moment I am at a loss with what to do, I’m really struggling to understand why and with life as it is at the moment I am getting to the stage I am beginning to wonder if the weight loss is worth it?

Now add in the fact I did not have a good evening yesterday and had a very late night, work started harassing me early, well they would of done if I was awake, the alarm went off and as I was working from home today I turned the alarm off, bad move. By the time I awoke a second time, got up (I felt like a zombie) and then found my mobile (which was not hard really as it was flashing like a hazard light), I had a three answer phone messages, three text messages telling me I had three answer phone messages as well as a list of three missed calls on my phone, all from work. They only wanted to tell me a phone system had died and wanted to know what was I going to do about it? Well despite the fact that I had sent the manager the relevant contact details of whom to phone in an event like this in the past, despite the fact that the contact details are on the front of the phone system box on the wall, they still phone me (and a director to tell him they have a dead phone system, who then phones me) to tell me they don’t know who to phone! I knew I should of stayed in bed.

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One thought on “I’m beginning to wonder”

  1. My suggestion would be to start a graph, I have one here on my office wall. It shows all of my weekly weigh ins, the few upward blips, the plateaus. But it does show a downward trend. That way if I’m not losing (as does happen regularly) then I can see that the general trend is the going the correct way.

    If you are eating correctly and pedalling then you will lose weight in the long term. This is a marathon not a sprint. I have had a few setbacks, and it has pissed me off big style, but keep doing the correct thing and you will win.

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