why do I blog and cycle

It is a question that has been raised on a couple of other blog’s I read. Both blogs are penned by other oversized cyclists. I found it an interesting question particularly as one of the blogs sites has moved his blog theme from weight loss to cycling and has taken some stick for it, including verbal abuse (although weight loss is still mentioned).

So for me, the blog came first, I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog so I set up a blog with Blogger.com which I did in June 2009, but then my interest faded, till late last year when I was moving to a new web host. I moved to TSO Host where I could host several web sites and had simple a WordPress installation process (you have an option, install the hard way or the easy way, you are going to choose the easy way aren’t you?). So once the hosting was setup and running I moved my blog to its current home here and started using WordPress to write my blog. Although this was around the same time as I got my bike the blog still did not have a theme, it just ambled on.

I read a couple of other blogs over the Xmas holidays which were written by those who are (were) overweight like me and had started cycling as a means to help with the weight loss and were blogging their progress. So I thought yes that is a good idea and moved the main theme of my blog to my diet, weight loss and mountain bike riding. I felt that talking through my blog about how my weight loss was going would help me in my efforts to lose the weight I needed to. I will still post about anything else I like from time to time, after all its my blog and I can write what I like, it is not like you are being made to read this.

As for the cycling, well that was just going to be an aid to help loose weight, but once I threw my leg over the bike I started to remember all the fun I had when I was a youngster. I had what was commonly known as a “Tracker” bike (no not the bike Raleigh manufactured), homebuilt from bits, based on 26″ wheel with a dropped cross bar frame (curved from the steering head to the seat tube), cow horn handle bars, one brake (normally the rear), single gear, (although mine had a 3 speed hub). I was happy riding anywhere where there was no tarmac including the sea!! Normally I had bald tyres, buckled wheels, wheel bearing, chain and gears that were shot and no lights (sound like a modern day BMX-er). But as I got older the lure disappeared, I remember seeing the first mountain bikes and wondering why the hell you needed front suspension and there were no mountains around here (Poole, Dorset).

So coming back on topic (sorry I wandered of into nostalgia), I love cycling now. In the past 9 months I have seen corners of Dorset I never knew existed many of them a couple of miles from my home. It is something both the wife and I can do together (although she is off the bike injured at the moment) and sometimes we even ride as a family.

As for blogging I do it because I want to, I only write about what I want to (mainly dieting and mountain bike riding). I have found it interesting reading some of the comments I wrote 12 months ago (and cringing over my spelling and grammar!). I have found morale support for my weight loss from the writes of other related blogs and if comments I post helps others else then great.

My Links page has a list of some of the blogs I read.

This post seemed to have waffled and wandered on long enough, so I am out of here