about me!

Overweight and 50 that’s me, Tim Henley, married with two children. I lives in Bournemouth on the south coast of the England. I have been on a diet\get healthy move since 21st July 2008. On that day my body weight was 21st 9lb, which for a 5ft 7in body was seriously bad. To be honest, my weight loss to date reads like one of my old school reports, could do better. I attend Slimming World, it works for me. But if I added all the weight I have gained on those odd weeks during that time it would amount to double what I have lost to date, so yes I could do better.

But up until recently I have been a closet dieter, not that I went out of my way to keep it a secret I just kept quiet about it. It has only been in the last 4 months that I have “come out” about my diet, partly because my weight loss is starting to show and secondly why was I keeping it quiet anyway??

This site will now reflect my attempts to lose weight and return to a healthy lifestyle. I will include things that help me along the way. But I will still have a grumble or a laugh about anything that takes my fancy along the way.

By day I am an IT manager, when I am not working I am interested in Mountain Bike riding, Traction kite flying, walking, photography and computers

As of Monday 11-01-10 I was 18st 13lb.

Wide open beach, sunshine and wind, what I loved about kite flying

me & my bike
me & my F2 HT

my Whyte E120

my F2 have a rest