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We had plans…….

So after our little train ride to Poland and back we decided that yes we liked this lets do it again so we soon we were researching places to go and by early December we had had a rough idea of where we were going to go. We had no dates that would be the… Read More »

Still Here II

Was browsing the Internet this morning and I read that there were some issue with WordPress and its plugins and unless you updated WordPress it could lead to your WordPress web site being compromised (this web site is built on WordPress). The brain registered the fact that I had not been on here for a… Read More »

still here….

Thought it was time I stuck my head above the parapet been a few weeks since my last post and everything is currently doom, gloom and virus. After Brexit everybody was hoping thing would calm down in the news and social media, we could turn our attentions to Easter, getting the garden ready for the… Read More »

It should not happen

To me there are only two sports where those taking part really put their life on the line when they take part in their chosen sport. Those two sports are Rugby Union and Speedway, most of you will have seen rugby players crashing into each other other from watching the Six Nations which is currently… Read More »

Wind, rain and morons

Like the rest of the UK we have been battered by Storm Ciara, we have had a few strong gust around our away, wheelie bins falling over, fences falling down, the normal havoc you find in your garden after strong winds. We have been fortunate this time, no fence damage although we did loose the… Read More »

Blink and you will miss it

Well 2019 has come and gone, a year of building on what I had I think would describe my 2019. Worked at getting a permanent contract at work, first proper holiday in many years are the main highlights for me although that is not to say I did not enjoy all the other bits that… Read More »

The Humble Mobile phone

I wonder if the engineers and designers from the 1970 ever realised what they were designing as they worked on the prototype of the first mobile phone, would they believe what the mobile has now become nearly 50 years later. 1983 Motorola sold the first mobile phone, it could make a 30 minute phone call,… Read More »

Think we need training!

As lunch time approached so did the gathering of men around the microwave to cook\warm up their lunch at work today. One guy who had obviously not used the microwave previously was pressing all the button in a vain attempt to get the microwave to start. Fortunately for the random button presser another worker showed… Read More »

Where are the ducks?

Earlier this year the local council started on a revamp of the two fresh water lakes at the local park, boy what a mess they made. The basic were they were going to dredged the lake (the larger one), rebuild sections of the edge of the lakes and prune, remove some plants and tied up… Read More »

Mad dogs and Englishmen part 4 – the end!

Berlin 2 To keep thing simple we had decided to book the same hotel we had on our outward journey, still lots of kids in the hotel . We decided to keep things simple and our evening meal was in a Taiwan rice restaurant at the main station, it was something different. Tomorrow which was… Read More »