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Under the circumstances

Two out of three is not bad, I am talking about bike rides. In my last post I said that I was intending to ride Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, well I managed Sunday and Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday (a possibility of late afternoon ride if I did not ride Monday) were wet and windy. Sundays ride did show one deficiency, no front brake. On closer inspection the pads were pretty worn and very glazed so I spent Sunday afternoon trying to find a set of disc pads. I needed to purchase them over the counter as opposed to mail order as I would not be able to order them till Monday (or at least that when the order would be processed) and I had to have them by Tuesday morning so I could fit them for Wednesday. I tried three local bike shops on Sunday and no one had them. Fortunately I managed to get a couple of sets Monday morning and got them fitted before the rain came down (it started as I put the bike away).

Sunday was just a simple short ride to make sure that my knee was able to cope with riding, which it was. Wednesday was a different story. While my knee coped well, the engine room had serious problems. I left home in thick fog and arrived at Swinley on a dull grey day. By the time we set out for the ride the sun was starting to shine through the clouds and warm up. Within 4 four minutes on the first little rise I was a over heating gasping wreck. The nice thing about Swinley Forest blue trial is it is broken down into small sections, by the end of the first section I was off the bike removing my jacket and pumping up the tyres (new hi volumes tyres needed more than the usual amount of air). Thankfully my riding buddy was happy to wait for me (or though I was wishing he did not have to) at the end of each section, I was now a little cooler and the tyres were better but not perfect. It was not until a little further round that I gave the tyres another pump and this time they were a lot better, he bike was not squirming around under me any more. The end result is I am not going to be ready for the ride next Saturday, I am just going to have to take it as it comes.

Only likely to be one ride this weekend as apart from the heavy rain and gusty 30mph winds forecast for tomorrow, I have a lot to do. A part from the shopping and banking I need to fit the new cassette, chain rings x 3, chain and jockey wheels to the bike ready for next weekend and I want to do it tomorrow so I can test the gears when I ride on Sunday (which is supposed to be sunny).

All the decorating is done, the carpet has been laid and we now have a lounge we can use again. This means that I have to go fish tank purchasing this weekend, I have three in mind (two of them are in sales so I need to decide soon) and I need to do it this weekend if I am not here next weekend.

And finally, I go back to work on Monday…………………….joy!!

Almost forgot the video, no music this time (unless you are a petrol head), watch this video of the Pikes Peak Challenge, simply get up the hill as fast as you can, watch out for the road cone around 8:22 (detail of the car are on the Youtube page.


Here we are again

Well as Saturday draws to an end and the first day of my holiday also draws to an end. Nothing special about today, shopping in the morning back for lunch and then a bit of window shopping in the afternoon. Went to a bike shop over in Swanage this afternoon Charlie the Bike Monger, the guy had moved to a new premises, I had been meaning to visit his shop so off we went. It was probably the best afternoon we have had all year so far, it was a nice little drive through the Purbeck countryside. We soon found a parking spot at the top of a steep hill and the shop nearly at the bottom of the steep hill. It is not your conventional type of bike shop which offer all the big names manufacturers, here you get the lesser known ones like Surly and Salsa amongst others. Never having been to the old shop I am not sure how much more had to be moved but there were some bargain bins to have a rummage through so that where I started. A while later and a few pound lighter I left the shop with two pairs of fingerless gloves, water bottle, pair handle bar grips and a t-shirt.

On the way home we paid a visit to a few other cycle shops where I added a few more bikes to the wanted list, not that I will get them all, but I am hoping to get a new one later in the year but certain things need to be right before I can.

Last weekend I got really annoyed with myself, I had intended to go for at least 2 rides out of the four days off over Easter weekend, I did none!! Simply put I just did not get my arse in gear. The closest I came to going for a ride was to get the bike out the shed, pump the tyres up (which I had noticed were a bit soft from a previous visit to the shed) and give the bike the once over. I can’t put my finger on it, half of me wanted to go for a ride and the other half said sod it, I know it sound stupid but I was not impressed.

Today I had intended to ride this afternoon after shopping duties, but my knee was twinging that bad while we were walking between shops this morning that I had to stop and rest my knee. After that I did not want to risk my knee but I am determined to go out tomorrow, I have a short simple ride to test my knee. I have a another short ride with my son lined up for Monday and I have agreed to ride at Swinley forest on Wednesday, so kill or cure as you might say. I also have a charity ride to get ready for on the 19th April so I need to get back on the bike sooner rather than later and to get that new bike I mentioned earlier, I really need to get back to riding again.

On the decorating front, all the painting has been done apart from a few spots of touch up and a bit on trunking to be fitted. The carpet is being fitted next Friday so maybe then life can return to normal.

While I am on holiday next week it is going to be a fairly busy week, Tuesday I have an X-Ray on my knee and my wife goes for an ultra sound scan on her bad shoulder, Wednesday I am going to Swinley forest while the wife goes shopping in Southampton, Thursday the wife has a MRI scan on her bad shoulder and then it home to finish clearing the lounge ready for the carpet layers on Friday. Saturday and Sunday will involve refurnishing the lounge. Think I will be ready for a holiday by the time I go back to work on Monday.

Ok so for a little music to finish with, the intro of this song is great when listen to on headphones, I could not find a official video for this song but hopefully you will like this one

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another false start

New year is normally a time for forgetting the past and making a fresh start, unfortunately in my case I think somebody forgot to tell life that we were starting over for the new year. For the last two weeks I have been laid up with one of those cold\virus things doing the rounds. I blame my son has he brought it home from school and spent a week off school. Then it was my turn and spent 4 days laid low with the bug, apart from the sore throat, headache, felling hot and cold, this bug came with the added bonus of dizzy spells when you stood up or moved around. Having spent 5 days at home I was getting cabin fever so as the wife wanted to do some shopping I felt a trip to Sainsbury’s would be a good idea to get some fresh air. So we drove to Sainsbury’s, by the time I had walked from the car park to the entrance I was holding onto the wall to keep me up, the world was spinning, it was like being drunk without the drinking, not nice. Fortunately I am over the worst of it, still a slight sore throat but at least the spinning has stopped

Having the cold\virus meant I have not done any riding for two week and we have not started the decorating of the lounge yet which is now two weeks behind schedule. Apparently the new carpet is now at the shop ready to be delivered and laid, think it might be there for a couple of week more yet.

I have joined up to Slimming World again, I had to delay it a week due to having the cold and virus but attended a meeting this past Tuesday. I will openly admit I was nervous about getting on the scales, it was not as bad as I had expected but it was still not a healthy weight which ever way you look at it.  My increased weight has caused inflammation in my left knee, I am now on a course of anti inflammatory pills to calm it down while I get on with losing weight again.

In all this bad news we have had a couple of bits of good news, The other week the wife says we have won a tenner on the lottery, so she goes to collect our winning and got the shock of her life when the girl behind the desk handed her £64, we actually had four numbers on one line. The other good news is that the insurance company has paid out for the fish tank and the cabinet which caused the flood, just need to get the lounge redecorated, carpet laid and then I can think about getting a replacement tank.

I was checking my cycling helmet out the other day and noticed the state of the foam pads in the helmet, they were gross (think 18 months of sweaty dirty head). So I contacted the UK importer and asked if replacements were available. They replied with a part number and stated that I would need to order the replacement from an approved shop.  So I contact  a local shop and was informed that the parts were currently on back order………………………………………..June 2013!!   Funny how I found a new helmet on special offer on the Internet that same day!!

Well a bit of music to end with Lacuna Coil, only found out about these guys a couple of days ago and have not stopped listening to them since.

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hello, still here

Been a few weeks since my last post so I thought I better make a post.

On the riding front been out a couple of times (and not on the days that I mentioned in my last post). Once was a couple of weeks ago when I went to Moors Valley, had a miserable ride, probably one of the worst rides for a long time, just did not feel happy or comfortable on the bike, did one lap of the trail and then came home.

Went out today with my son, had to change plans at the start as the road to the Hurn forest was closed due to fallen power line thanks to a fallen tree. So we decided to go to Moors Valley again. My normal parking spot was full (I don’t park in the official car park, I don’t mind paying but I hate being ripped off). So I parked a couple hundred yards down the road in a very flooded car park. As were unloading the bikes my son said “what is up there” pointing to a fire road, I said “lets find out” In fact I have ridden in the north section of Ringwood forest before (it on the other-side of the B3081 which splits Ringwood Forest, Moors Valley being on the south side) but it has been over a year so of we went. I said to my son as we were getting ready lets find some mud to ride in which based on the rain full we have had lately was never going to be that difficult.

We were soon pedalling through mud and water, taking the occasional detour into the tree’s to shelter from the downpours which were arriving as per the weather forecast (shock horror, a correct weather forecast!) Eventually my son started to complain about tired legs, just as well we were heading in the direction of the car park, we were about to find out why the car park was flooded. First we heard the traffic on the main road, I realised where we were at about the same time as the puddle started to get deeper. It is hard to ride through puddles that are axle deep but as there were dog walkers watching I was not going to give them the satisfaction of seeing me fall off into the water and made it through the puddle. I stopped and looked to see my son wading through pushing his bike, apparently he saw how deep it was on me and decided to walk through as it was better option than falling off into the puddle. By time we got home and hosed the bikes down the heaven open, just thankful we had managed to get a ride in.

Hopefully there will be some more rides in the coming weeks as I have a lot of holidays to take before the end of the year and I am hoping the get out on my own and ride.

On the work front, the server move went very well (we have to move them before we can replace them), a lot better than we had hoped for, we had problems but these were in fact nothing to do with the server move which sort of marred the success of the move.

As for everything else, it is still on going, there are good days and there are bad days, hopefully soon the good day will out number the bad days.

Finally a bit of music, something from Abba, but not one of there hit singles.

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Where do I go from here……

Life is just not getting any better, I am back to being the sole money earner in the family again which is one pressure I could do without. Life is just being a bitch at the moment, you know the sort of thing, can’t do anything right for doing it wrong.

Only been out on the bike once since my last post and that was last weekend, decided on a simple loop around the local heath and then a trip to the beach. Once again it showed how unfit I was, my knees were aching after just 3/4 of the ride.

Also committed a cardinal sin, I put my bike away dirty. I had every intention of cleaning my bike after lunch but as I prepared myself some toast the power went off. Seem as thought the toaster was the culprit, but when the power came back on two of my PC’s failed to boot up correctly so I spent the rest of the day sorting those out and the bike went into the shed dirty. Not happy about that but unfortunately the wife’s PC was needed to continue her job searching.

Not a lot more to say other than the fact I am tired, low and peeved off right now……….