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and so it goes on…..

I would of liked to think things were going to get better, but based on current circumstances they are not. Work has been s***e this week, 3 trip to head office and very little of what I needed to get done got done but that does not stop them demanding it. Finally to end the week on a low note, I broke a tooth today eating a crisp or rather it just broke. It one of the ones I had the root canal work on late last year. The bit of tooth is still in my gum and I have managed to push (with my tongue) the broken bit back into place so it does not hurt my gum (as it was doing), but I can now only eat on one side of my mouth now. Hopefully I can get to see the dentist on Monday.

I went for a ride this morning (pre-broken tooth) with my son. As it has been a couple of months since his last outing (and painful knee due to schoolboy pranks) I decided to go out to the New Forest and ride the old railway line from Burley to Holmlsey and back. It is only 5 miles round trip but by the time I got back to the car park anyone would of thought I had ridden 10 times that distance, I was just dead on the bike. As is normal when we are in this neck of the Forest I was forced to stop at the Station House Tea House for refreshments, as you can see cycling requires a lot of chocolate cake and milk shake.

Ryan refuelling
Waiting on the old platform

i hate a smartarse

So there I am browsing the net looking for some new site decorations when I come across a web site with some nice Woodpress themes, I click the link to see a full page version of one of the themes and I am taken to another web site promoting other WordPress themes. Ok maybe it is towards the bottom of the page, I looked on the first page and not seeing the theme I was looking for returned to the page I came from. The second time it happened I looked a little harder, checking the links on the page thinking I might of missed something, realising that I had once again been had I went back to the site I came from. The third time it happened it was more like “what the…..”

What is it with some people think they can be clever and get people to their web site when all they have done is lost the potential of somebody using one of their WordPress themes.

Keep watching a new theme will be up before the end of the year, just got to find a site that does not take you for a ride.


2 years on

It is close to two years since I bought my first bike since becoming a bac (born again cyclist). I am still riding the bike but earlier in the week two thoughts came to mind.

How much of the original bike is left and secondly what were my worst OBE’s (Off Bike Experience) I have had since I bought the bike.

When I started thinking about how much of the Cannondale F5 is still the original bike I bought two years ago it got scary due to the amount of kit that has changed on the bike. So in no particular order here is a list what has been changed (I am not going to include chains, tyres or brake pads).

Frame, warranty after about 6 months, no F5 frames available so now have an F2 frame
Front dérailleur and middle chain ring, changed as I wrecked it after a very bad chain suck incident (related to the frame swap)
Front forks, upgraded
Handle bars, upgraded did not like the flat broom handle style bars that were fitted
Handle bars grips, upgraded to Ergon GR1’s
Saddle, upgraded as it was killing my butt
Rear wheel, changed as the free hub wore out.
Pedals, horrible grip-less ones came standard, now on my second upgraded set of pedals
BB and crank, changed as the old BB wore out so upgraded to Shimano XT
And later this week, it goes to the LBS for a new headset to be fitted as the old one is knackered.

So by the bikes second birthday the only original bit will be the seat post, front wheel, stem and the brakes front and rear, oh and bottle carrier!!

On to the second topic of major OBE in the last two years, here is my 1, 2, 3 (in reverse order of course)

3rd About 5 month after I got the bike I was riding over the local heath in the pouring rain. The local water company had been laying a new water main across the heath. With all the rain the paths were flooded, on my way back I cycled into this large puddle which is normally fairly shallow. Next thing I know I am sat on my arse in the puddle after an over the bars. I turn and look back and my bike is upright with the front wheel submerged to the axle. It was a week later once all the water had dried up that I found out what had happened. The front wheel had fallen into the soft dirt on the back filled trench, it seems as though it had not been compacted so once it had been flooded it just became mud and when I rode into it and it just sucked the front wheel down.

2nd I was on one of those Evans Cycles Rides it events at Liphook in Hampshire. It was wet miserable day and I was not really enjoying the ride having ripped my shorts in half and having the most horrendous cramp I had ever knownand already taken one tumble. I was in a forest section and approached a bank which dropped about 40ft, across a bridge and then up the bank on the other side. I was determined to climb the bank on the other side so I dropped down the bank at speed, crossed the bridge and shot up the other side. As I crested the top of the bank the front wheel hit a bump and I shot off the path and stopped on a bit of high ground (higher than the path). Unfortunately as it was higher than the path I was unable to put my feet on the ground and remembering falling over in slow motion. I landed on the small of my back with my head pointing back down the slope. It took me a couple of minutes to find my feet and get back on my bike. The pain in my back lasted about 6 weeks.

1st No surprise here if you regularly read my blog. It was my crash earlier this year near Tollard Royale. Going downhill at speed I was distracted by a deer crossing the path quite a way in front, the front wheel hit something and the next thing I know I am using my shoulder as a brake. A visit to A&E (the following day) revealed a separated shoulder.

But guess what, I would not change any of it because I have damm well enjoyed my cycling over these last 2 years and I am looking forward to the next two year

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