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I am still here

I had several emails from WordPress (which is what this web site\blog is based on) about updating to the new version 4 so I decided as I am currently off work I would update it. It was then that I realised that my last post was on December 31st 2013.  So here a few lines of what’s has happened over the last 12 months. My legs are still a major source of aggravation, done very little riding, I have just purchased a TACX Turbo Trainer to try and get some fitness back. The wife has had a her shoulder Operation (on Monday, which is why I am off work) at long last. It was cancelled on the day of the operation back in May while she was waiting to be admitted to the hospital due to a leg infection (that is the short version of the story).   Life has carried on much the same as it was prior to my last post.


No Music today but here is a recent mugshot of me (trying out new features in word press 4 really)


My ugly mug
My ugly mug, need a shave as well

3 days and counting

Well that how many days were left till the end of the year when I started writing this post, not sure when I am going to finish it so the day count maybe slightly different.

I guess there is little point in doing a quick retrospective of the year cycling, not enough riding must try harder sum up this subjects end of year report. I pretty much think the dieting report reads even worse, never really tried must start trying. Hopefully both of these are in hand for 2013, I have a plan, just need to carry it out and stick with it.

Even this blog has had problems this year with very infrequent posting, when life got rough there was nothing positive to write about and I just lacked the enthuiasism to do it.

There is no denying life has been tough this year for numerous reason, hopefully some of those reason have been sorted and things will start to improve through 2013, I certainly hope so, don’t really want to live another year like that one. Life is like a giant jig-saw, all the pieces are there, you just have to put them together properly without the use’s of a picture to refer back to.

Saying that I have already booked up for a cycle ride for 2013, noticed Sky were doing one of their Sky Rides in the New Forest (12th Jan) so signed my son and myself up for it. To be honest I have done it more for him than me, it is only 7 .5 miles but it will be something different for him and makes me throw a leg over my bike as well, so it has got to be a good thing.

The seeds for 2013 have pretty much been planted now, I just have to tend and look after them properly and 2013 could be the year I want, only time will tell.

Finally my last video for 2012 is the distinctly different type of song and possibly my favorite for 2012, Spitfire by Public Service Broadcasting

I wish you all a Happy New Year , see you all in 2013



Some good, some bad, some indifferent

First the indifferent, it has now been a couple of week since I contacted ADS Recruitment about Silver van man and a apart from a confirmation e-mail saying that they had received my e-mail and it was going to be forwarded to the relevant person to reply, I have heard nothing. So it look like the “family principles drive us” (comment taken from their web site) does not extend to the driving standards of their staff.

The good news is the wife’s leg is well on the mend. There is still some pain in her leg and it is still slightly swollen but on the whole a lot better that is was 10 days ago. Thanks to all those that have wished her well.

Now the bad news, some of you may have noticed how low and moaning I have been for the past few months because that how I have felt with the ways things have been going on in my life. But sometimes you get news about a close friend who has been diagnosed with a serious illness and it knocks all your own problems into a different light. I can only wish that person all the best, you know where we are if we can do anything for you.

Finally a bit of music, one of my favourites copies at the moment

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more confusion

Last week I was ready to change the bottom bracket bearing after two rides were drowned out by creaking, since last weekend I just lubricated the chain and put the bike away (the bike was only dusty as we were still getting a bit of an early summer weather). Well I went for a ride today and it was in utter silence, nothing not even a hint of a creak, I don’t know what is going on. I was going to order a new bearing tonight, now I am not sure what to do.

Yesterday morning the heaven opened, I was planning on going out in the afternoon but decided to give it a miss. I was not the only one, only two riders turned up for the ride, they went on the ride and never had any rain for the duration of the ride…

Went out this morning, decided I needed to do long ride after yesterday non ride and as there was some new paths I had found and wanted to try and I also wanted to have another test of my Zero High5 tablets so I decided on a home to Moors Valley Country park and back ride. A total of 32.8 miles with 80% of it off road and unlike previous ride from home to Moors Valley, I did not ride over the same section of trail more than once. I can report that I did not have any problems with cramps although that may be related to the fact that it was not particularly warm this morning so I was not sweating as much as normal. In fact it was that cold this morning that I had to stop after about a mile and put my winter gloves on rather than my fingerless gloves that I started with. By the time I got home I was knackered.

Now for a farewell, I started this blog on the 6th May 2009 it was just general chit chat nothing special, no theme. Like many new blogs it soon seemed to loose its way and within a few months it was on its way to becoming another dead blog. Towards the end of 2009 I came across a blog called MassiveMTBer (Don’t ever stop). The blog was written by a guy called Clive Chapman, he had a serious weight problem and had rekindled his love of cycling as part of a plan to get his weight back to where it should be. I found the blog easy to read, well written, funny, humorous, frank and honest. In fact it was good enough for him to be asked to pen a couple of monthly column for one of the national cycling magazines, that no mean feat.

This weekend Clive announced that he had penned his last blog post, with a new job and new coaching commitments (he is a rugby coach) he does not have the time to continue writing a daily blog. But Clive blog has touched so many guys with a weight problem who have got back into cycling as part of a plan to get there weight under control it is really going to be missed. His blog was a kind of meeting place, not in the real sense like meeting your mates in the pub. But in the way where you knew that other guys with the same weight problem as you were suffering from were there reading the same blog. Clive’s frankness honesties of his own weekly weight ups and downs made those readers reflect honestly on their own weight when it came to standing on the scales. Clive’s blog became a sort of weigh loss club for guys.

Good luck with your future Clive, you blog will sorely be missed.

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been decorating!

I was getting fed up with the old blue site and wanted something simple, I think this covers it. Still a bit of tweaking to do but it does what it says on the tin, the theme is called clean simple white.

Went out for a ride this morning, nice and sunny if a little cold, frost and ice were companions this morning. The mud situation was not as bad as I had expected, most of the trails were dry-ish with the expected mud pools. I did a Throop loop I normally do as a night ride but as soon as I hit the green stuff (the first 2.5 miles is on tarmac) I was wheezing, gasping wreck which is the same as it has been for the past few weeks. I deliberately kept the ride simple as I am really looking at getting back to fitness so in Hurn forest it was a case of just riding along the fire road from one end of the forest to the other. But the forest is a mess, they had heavy forest plant in felling trees and the mess they have made of some of the path, is just plain criminal. I should of got a photo but one path is only just passable now on foot due to the two foot deep, two foot wide tyre tracks of the plant machinery.

I even managed to brake a spoke on the front wheel, not sure when it went but I suspect it was right at the start before I even got to the green stuff, I was crossing the road and as I went across the road I heard a loud pop. Checked both wheels at the time but found nothing but found it while cleaning the bike this afternoon.

I was so exhausted this afternoon went and had an hours sleep on the bed, not my normal course of action as it normally means I don’t sleep at night, hoping I will be able to sleep when I retire tonight.

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