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Xmas traditions

It has become a Christmas tradition to end up building a Lego model or two for our son. Last Christmas was the Lego Technic 8 wheeled crane, this Christmas it was a Platform lift truck. A bit of a smaller than last years build model but just as enjoyable to do. My childhood was Mechcano, a toy brick product called Better Builders (bit like Lego but smaller bricks) and Airfix (and others like it) kits, I was always building something, I just like building things. Now a days I build computers from a pile of components, mountain bikes (more like a rebuild after taking them apart) and Lego kits when I get the chance. Maybe I should look for a job at Lego land building those large models they have………..

Just before starting this post I decided to read what I wrote in this blog last year, I had an idea what I wanted to write this year. Well I could of simply just copied last years post over to this years and they would of said exactly what I wanted to say. The past year started badly got better in the middle and then fell over at the end. My diet has been non existence where I have just bounced around the same weight as I was at the start of the year (and the end of 2010). I am not going to blame anybody except me, I am a stress eater, when the stress mounts I eat and all boundaries become non-existent, if it is food I will eat it in copious amounts.

I was intending to go for a ride with our son this morning but it was bleak and showery all morning and he decided that he did not want to go riding in the wet. The daughter had gone out so I was left baby sitting our son so I was not able to go out on my own for a ride. Weather is not looking much better for tomorrow or Friday when I was hoping to go on a club ride. Tomorrow I might be able to coax our son out to Moors Valley but it does depend on the weather which is not looking wet and windy.

Well I am out of here for now, I will be back before the end of the year

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I wanted more………

So I stepped onto the scales tonight and revealed a 2.5lb loss and I can honestly say I feel cheated. This past 7 days is probably the most controlled eating I have done since I started my diet and I really felt it should of been more. I cycled about 60 mile last week (in three rides) as well, I just feel cheated, I know I should not but I do. I know I should just keep going with the controlled eating and the weight loss will follows, it is just this stupid mind of mine keeps making comparison of what I used to eat compared to now and it just eats into my will power.

Talking of eating into my will power, in Fridays post < a href="" target="_blank"> Sorting thing out I mentioned I was getting fed up with sticking my head above the parapet only to have someone knock it back down again. Well obviously somebody did not like me sticking my head above the parapet on Friday night, I only had to wait till Saturday morning before somebody tried to knock us back down again. Regardless of the reason or the outcome, it still eats away at you, making you wonder why you keep going.

Oh well Tuesday awaits…………..or is it a case of tomorrow never comes??

just a quickie

How long do you continue to visit a blog if the blog owner can’t be bothered to post??

Do you give them a couple of weeks and if there no new posts stop visiting or do you give them longer??

Interested to hear your thoughts



I am not sure if that was me saying it or the scales when I got on them tonight, seem like I had an edible christmas, it did not make good reading. Well that is all I am saying on the matter, I have eaten it now I have to lose it.

This morning I went out for my fourth consecutive ride and boy did the top of my legs know it, they were aching before I had even done the first mile. It was a very hard slog, it soon became apparent that I would have to amend my plans for the ride as there was no way these legs were going accept any climbs. I finished doing the Moors Valley blue trail (I wanted a gps of the route) and then decided that I would just ride a few of the fire-roads and tracks and go from there. I got back to the visitor centre only to find out the rest of the family were back at the car as the son was not feeling very well, so my ride was cut short, by the time I had got the bike on the car it had started to rain so I doubt I would of stayed much longer. A total of 11.5 mile for the day, not as much as I had intended but I doubt it would of made any difference to the weigh in, at least it was better than not riding at all.

The eagled eyed amongst you may have noticed a few minor changes on the web site, just trying to generate a bit more traffic to the site, while it could be argued I am advertising (the Chain Reaction logo on the right) it is purely a link exchange to help generate some traffic. I changed the weather link as the Google one was just not working properly so I have added Met Office widget. I have also added the Moors Valley trail to the routes section (which is hosed via gpsies web site) to the route page.

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christmas tradition

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Like many, we have our traditions for christmas, only buying a certain foods to eat over the festive break which we don’t eat at any other time of year, I know Clive at Massive MTBer cooks a special ham for christmas. One of our christmas tradition is christmas day is a family day so the doors are locked at bedtime christmas eve and we don’t venture out of them till boxing day morning, we don’t visit family or friends we don’t go for walks or go down to the pub. I can remember when I was younger, if you saw somebody go past your house on christmas day it was a rarity, now a days the pedestrian and motor traffic past our house makes it seem like any other day.

Free ClipartOne christmas tradition that I have recently started is falling of my bike on my christmas eve ride. Having got up really early and out to the supermarket for the fresh food shop and all the remaining shopping bits we were back home and finished by 9:30am. With only the family present delivery and collection to do I opted to go for a ride this morning, decided to ride the local heath again. Well the condition were much the same as they were last Saturday, sunny and cold. One thing that was different was the ice! where the snow had been trampled under foot it was now a sheet of ice, several inches thick, where the snow had started to melt, it was frozen solid ice complete with frozen foot prints and tyre tracks. In fact the only bits that were not ice was the snow under the trees or on the heather. It was a nightmare, I fell off and bashed my knee (which now seems to be the tradition on my christmas eve ride), in the end I had to give up and walk out of one section of the heath as I could not go further than 2 meters without the front wheel sliding away underneath me. Lets hope the thaw starts soon and I can start moaning about the mud fest……………..

As the big days approaches my thanks go to all my fellow blog writers and readers for your encouragement these past 12 months, your input has certainly helped.

It just leave me to wish you all a very merry christmas

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